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Course and current status


Current Situation :

Professor in Epidemiology and Public Health

Head of U1086 INSERM « Anticipe », Caen

Head of Master of Public Health, Caen

President of Canceropole of North-west of France

Doctor in medicine since 1987 and doctor in epidemiology and public health since 1997. I worked as researcher for the French Institute in Medical Research (INSERM) during 1993-2003 and as Professor in Public Health for the University of Caen since 2004. I was President of tr French network of cancer registries (FRANCIM) during 2008-2012. I am  Director of Unit 1086 INSERM (Caen) since 2012 and President of the Canceropole of North West of France since 2019.

Scientific summary

I have supervised about twenty PH degrees in public health. I has published 300 articles on cancer focusing on epidemiology, screening, social and public health aspects. I am particulary involved in cancer registration at a national and European level, cancer screening organisation and social epidemiology of cancers and its impact in public health policy. I advocate for a concerted and evidence –based European policy for the measurement of social inequalities in health and for policy to tackle social inequalities in health. I am expert for European Commission and several French institutions and agencies (INSERM, HCERES, INCa, HAS, ANSES).

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