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Josiane Warszawski Curriculum vitae

Course and current status

Current position


2002-…         Associate professor in Public Health – Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Paris-Saclay University

  • Public Health and Epidemiology Department, Bicêtre Hospital,
  • Inserm U1018 – Research Center in Epidemiology and Populations Health, Paris Team: Clinical epidemiology

1995-2001     Epidemiologist assistant– MD Public health – INSERM, Hospital Bicetre, Paris-Sud University




1995              Ph.D. Public Health - Epidemiology, Paris-Sud University

1992              Master in Public Health Biostatistics, Paris-Sud University

1995              M.D, Paris-VI Pierre et Mary Curie University, Paris



2020-…         Principal investigator  of the EPICOV study (National study on Covid-19 health crisis)       

2020-…         Deputy director of innovation of the Graduate School of Public Health, Paris-Saclay University

2017-…         Director of the Master of Public Health, Paris-Saclay

2005-…         Director of M1-Master of Public Health, Paris-Sud-Paris-Saclay

2005 - …       Principal Investigator of the outgoing ANRS National French Perinatal Cohorts on HIV prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) and on  HIV pediatric infection

2010-2019      Principal Investigator of the cohort of adults HIV- infected since childhood: ANRS- Coverte 

2009 - …       Scientific coordination  of immuvirological studies pediatric infection:  ANRS- Immip (2009-2012), ANRS-Cleac (2016-2019)

2007- …        Scientific coordination  of trials on on PMTCT of HIV:  ANRS Primeva 2007-13; ANRS Ralfe 2014-18, ANRS Monogest 2016-2020   


International Collaborations

2020-             Orchestra: Connecting european cohorts to increase common and effective response to SARS-CoV-2 pandemic (Horizon 2020)

2007-             Pediacam: HIV pediatric cohort, Cameroon

2011-2015      Eurocoord: Enhancing clinical and epidemiological HIV research in Europe through cohort collaboration y

2006-16         MITOC:  Mitochondrial Toxicity in Children and NRTI Exposure During Pregnancy and/or Posnatally.  European collaboration

Scientific summary

2005-currently: Mother-to-child transmission of HIV:  I am the principal investigator (PI)  of national ANRS-cohorts on mother to chid transmission which evaluted changes  in HIV mother-to-child transmission and efficacy of the mother-to-child prevention strategies (PTME), the safety for mother and non infected neonates of perinatal exposure to HIV antiretroviral therapy ; infection and prognosis in perinatally infected children; transfer to adult medicine and place of disease in the transition to adulthood of young people with chronic diseases since childhood

2020 - currently: I am the PI, with co-scientific responsability (J Warszawski & Nathalie Bajos)  of the EpiCov (INSERM and DREES study) which is a national population-based cohort based on a random sample of 134000 participants including in the first round in may 2020, including large questionnaire and systematic covid-19 serology. The objective is to study diffusion on SARS-cov2 in the population and changes of the relation between the Covid-Epidemic in France and health and living condition.

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