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Caroline Barry Research engineer at Inserm - U1018 Research Center in Epidemiology and Populations Health–

Course and current status

Research engineer at Inserm - U1018  CESP 

-       Research team “Developmental Psychiatry and trajectories”

-       Co-head of the “Methodology and statistics platform”

Past positions 

 2010 –Coordination of the Methodology and statistics platform” (U669 then U1178 “ Mental health and public health”)

2007-2010 Biostatistician – Inserm U669 “Adolescent eating disorders” 

2007-2009 Biostatistician - Department of Psychiatry at Bicetre University Hospital

2004-2006 : Director of studies (Serono genetic Institute) 

2000-2004 Engineer then Project Manager of the Bioanalysis Platform (GENSET)

1994-1996 Teaching & Research Assistant - University Paris XI Orsay. Molecular Bio-informatics Group-Institute of Genetics and Microbiology

1989-1993 Doctoral thesis in Cellular and Molecular Genetics - Institute of Genetics and Microbiology. University Paris XI


 2007 : Master 2 of Public Health, Methodology et Statistics in Biomedical Research (University Paris XI)

1993 : PhD in Cellular and Molecular Genetics (University Paris XI).

1989 : Master 2 i- Cellular and Molecular Genetics (University Paris XI) 

Scientific summary

My research interests include

  • Methodology of biomedical research
  • Evaluation of  Non‐pharmacological interventions and complementary medicine
  • Mental health in  public health



Key publications

Berthoz, S., Maria, A. S., Ringuenet, D., Bourdier, L., Nicolas, I., Blanchet, C., ... & Barry, C. (2022). Cognitive flexibility and attention to detail in adolescents and adults with severe forms of anorexia nervosa. European Eating Disorders Review.

Benoit, L., Russo, T., Barry, C., Falissard, B., & Henckes, N. (2019). “You have to believe in something”: Risk of psychosis and psychiatrists’ beliefs in the self-fulfilling prophecy. Social Science & Medicine, 230, 20-29.

Ali, A., Carré, A., Hassler, C., Spilka, S., Vanier, A., Barry, C., & Berthoz, S. (2016). Risk factors for substances use and misuse among young people in France: What can we learn from the Substance Use Risk Profile Scale?. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 163, 84-91.

Gueguen, J., Hill, C., & Barry, C. (2014). Complementary medicines. Wiley StatsRef: Statistics Reference Online, 1-13.

Marquer, C., Barry, C., Mouchenik, Y., Djibo, D. M., Manzo, M. L., Trujillo Maza, E. M., ... & Grais, R. F. (2015). Screening for psychological difficulties in young children in crisis: complementary cross-cultural validation. International Health, 7(6), 438-446.

Barry, C., Seegers, V., Gueguen, J., Hassler, C., Ali, A., & Falissard, B. (2014). Evaluation de l’efficacité et de la sécurité de l’acupuncture. Rapport Inserm, 17(01), 2014.

Vons, C., Barry, C., Maitre, S., Pautrat, K., Leconte, M., Costaglioli, B., ... & Franco, D. (2011). Amoxicillin plus clavulanic acid versus appendicectomy for treatment of acute uncomplicated appendicitis: an open-label, non-inferiority, randomised controlled trial. The Lancet, 377(9777), 1573-1579.

Barry, C., Faugeron, G., & Rossignol, J. L. (1993). Methylation induced premeiotically in Ascobolus: coextension with DNA repeat lengths and effect on transcript elongation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 90(10), 4557-4561.

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