Mircea T. Sofonea
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  • Location : Montpellier, France

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Mircea T. Sofonea Epidemiology & evolution of infectious diseases

Course and current status

My research aims to improve the understanding and the anticipation of the epidemiological and evolutionary dynamics of infectious diseases by integrating sources of heterogeneity (polymorphism, spatial structuring, anti-infective treatments, health policies) in the multi-level quantitative analysis (from intra-host to public health via transmission) of pathogens such as Ebola virus, human papillomaviruses, multidrug-resistant bacteria, and more recently SARS-CoV-2.

Scientific summary


2018 — associate professor Univ. Montpellier
2017 — 2018 post-doctoral researcher CNRS
2014 — 2017 Phd student & lecturer Univ. Montpellier


2023 — Member of the Steering Commitee of the TIE University-Hospital Federation University Hospital of Montpellier
2022 — Deputy Director for Research of the Exposome Institute of the University of Montpellier (ExposUM) Univ. Montpellier
2022 —            Associate Editor of Anaesthesia Critical Care and Pain Medicine SFAR
2021 — Executive Member of the Modelling Coordinated Action
2021 —
Member of the Air & COVID expert group ANSES
2021 — 2022
Head of the Theoretical & Experimental Evolution research group MIVEGEC
2016 — 2018 member of the organizing committee of the Evolution 2018 congress ESEB



2021 University degree in anti-infective strategies (hospital infectiology) Medical school, Univ. Montpellier
2017 PhD in evolution of infectious systems Univ. Montpellier
2014 École normale supérieure diploma Paris
2013 Institut Pasteur diploma Paris
2010 classes préparatoires Lyc. Henri-IV, Paris

competitive examinations & qualifications

2018 Associate professorship qualification in population biology, organismal biology and applied mathematics
2014 Agrégation in natural sciences (major in organismal biology & physiology), CAPES in mathematics
2010 École normale supérieure de la rue d'Ulm
2009 International Biology Olympiad
2008 France Physics Olympiad

awards & honours

Jean Mantz Prize of the French Society of Anaesthesia & Intensive Care (best article of the year)
Olympiad Prize of the French Academy of Science

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