Ilaria Montagni
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  • Phone : +33 6 42 19 33 63
  • Location : Bordeaux, France
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Ilaria Montagni Health Communication Researcher

Course and current status

Training and responsibilities. Ilaria Montagni, PhD, has a training in communication and information sciences applied to public health. Her PhD was funded by the European Commission and was delivered by the University of Verona (Italy) and Sorbonne Université – Pierre et Marie Curie (France). The title of the thesis is “Mental Health in Europe: the need for a common language, standard classification criteria and official communication”. She joined the Bordeaux Population Health research center (BPH, Inserm-University of Bordeaux) as a post-doctoral fellow in 2014. She belongs to the Healthy team working on young people’s health and psychological well-being. She is the coordinator of the axis “Exploring social and behavioral features of mental health in the youths”. Since 2020 she is a lecturer-researcher at the BPH and the Bordeaux School of Public Health (ISPED). She is in charge of teaching modules in Health Communication and Dissemination of Research Data. She is in charge of the pedagogical engineering of the Graduate Program of Digital Public Health. She is a member of the Committee in health promotion and prevention of the National Public Health Agency.

Impact. Dr. Montagni works mainly in the field of health communication and health literacy. She is a member of the French-speaking network of researchers on health literacy (Réflis). She has published more than 20 papers as the first or last corresponding author in international journals like the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Scientific summary

Dr. Montagni has extensive experience in the design, development and evaluation of interventions to promote positive health and prevent diseases. In particular, she has co-created an interactive map facilitating access to care to young people in Bordeaux (servi-Share project). She has also provided evidence of the effectiveness of a series of videos on health insurance (Sécupliqué project) and depression/suicide risk (Eva-Vid project), as well as an Escape Game on mental health literacy (EscapeCovid project). She has obtained several grants from institutions like the French National Research Agency and the French Institute for Public Health Research. She has contributed to the exploitation of data from the i-Share cohort on students’ health and the CONFINS cohort on the impact of Covid-19 on wellbeing in the French population.  

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