MURIEL DARNAUDERY PhD Neurosciences and Pharmacology

Course and current status

Current position

Professor, Bordeaux University, Lab Nutrineuro, Team NUTRIPSY

Previous positions, Education and training

2018- First class Professor (CNU, national ranking)

2009- Professor in Neurosciences, Bordeaux University

2007- Délégation CNRS, Bordeaux University

1999- Associate Professor in Neurosciences, Lille University

1999- Post-doc CSIC, Instituto Santiago Ramon y Cajal , Madrid, Spain (INSERM fellowship)

1998- PhD in Neurosciences and Pharmacology, Bordeaux University

1994- Master's degree, Neurosciences, Bordeaux University

1993- Master's degree, Experimental Psychology, Bordeaux University

Scientific summary

I am working on the hypothesis of the developmental origin of adult health and diseases (DOHAD) using an integrative approach. My research is dedicated to the exploration of the role of early-life environment (nutrition, maternal obesity, maternal diabetes and stress) on brain functions and vulnerability to neuropsychiatric diseases in preclinical models (depression, anxiety). Our work indicates that adverse early-life adversity (both during pre- and postnatal periods) increase the allostatic load and program the brain vulnerability to stress later in life. We also explore the causal role of gut-brain dysfunctions (gut microbiota and gut leakiness) in the emergence of deficits associated with early-life stress on cognitive and emotional processes.

Key-words: DOHAD, early-life stress; nutrition; gut-brain axis; HPA axis; epigenetics ; behavior; emotion; memory; motivation; maternal behavior; neurodevelopmental diseases ; depression; anxiety disorders; maternal behavior ; attachment theory

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