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Juliette Vaurs Engineer Biotechnologies

Course and current status

Right after graduating from engineering school, I worked two years in San Francisco, California for two start-ups. The first one was a CRO of three employees and the second one was a 20 employees biochemistry lab, developping kits for protein characterization.

I came back to France in Nantes and worked 2 years for a recombinant protein facility in the CRCINA. There I was in charge of protein production and purification for many public research teams but also developped a technique for the screening of T-cells epitope with HLA-E/peptide complexes. 

I now work for the research team of Cécile Duplàa in Pessac where I specialized myself in histology, cellular biology and molecular biology. 

Scientific summary

Cellular Biology :

- Culture and transcient transfections of cancerous but also primary cells

- Culture of hybridomes for protein production

- Large variety of function tests (cell migration, polarity under different flows, permeability, proliferation, transcytocis, sprouting, spreading, focal adhesion...)

Protein production and purification :

- FPLC/HPLC : BioRad, Waters and Cytiva (ex General Electric) systems

- production in eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells

- characterization with Nanotemper technology

Molecular biology basic knowledge (Western blots, ELISA, PCR, RT-qPCR...)

Confocal Mycroscopy

Histology (Microtome, Cryotome, Vibratome, Transparization...)

Softwares : Imaris, Fiji, GraphPad, Office, SnapGene, Zen

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