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Mathieu FIORE MD, PhD

Course and current status

Mathieu FIORE was trained in Medicine (Paris, 1995-2002). He then specialized in Medical Biology (Bordeaux, 2002-2007) and a PhD in Molecular Genetics (Bordeaux) in Dr Alan Nurden’s laboratory (Inserm U1034). He joined the Hematology Laboratory as Hospital Practitioner at the University Hospital of Bordeaux in 2007.

He is also strongly involved in the organization of a network of French Reference Centers for Platelet Disorders.

Scientific summary

Mathieu FIORE works in the field of platelet disorders. Most of his involvement over the last fifteen years was on inherited diseases, such as Glanzmann thrombasthenia, a period during which he gradually established the thorough analysis of the platelet genes for diagnosis purposes. This nowadays includes the systematic search for point mutations and gene rearrangements in more than 60 genes. Considering that about 50% of patients remain without a molecular diagnosis, his present work focusses on the search for new genes by exome and candidate gene approaches.

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