Manuela D'Alessandro RESEARCHER

Course and current status

Position and employment

- 2019-present: researcher MeLiS UCBL - CNRS UMR52684 - Inserm U1314,  Bessereau team

- 2013-2019: post-doctoral researcher in "Genetics and Neurobiology of C. elegans", laboratory of Professor Jean-Louis Bessereau. INMG U1217, UMR5301 / Lyon and CGPhiMC, UMR5534 / University Lyon 1

- 2009-2013 : post-doctoral researcher Genetics and Cell Biology at the IGBMC U964, UMR7104 / Illkirch in Jocelyn Laporte's team.

Grant and fellowship

-October 2022: ANRJCJC grant 3,5 years

- October 2016: AFM research fellowship, 3 years.

- September 2010: Myotubular Trust international research fellowship, 3 years

 -December 2006: Marco Polo scholarship 1 year.


Course on Genetic model organisms to study the neuromuscular junction and associated diseases (Master 2 Cell genetics and pathology, Lyon )


- 2005 to 2009: PhD in Functional Biology of Molecular and Cellular Systems at the University of Bologna (Italy) laboratory of Professor Bruno Andrea Melandri 

- 2007 to 2008: One year exchange as part of the PhD in the Laboratory of Professor Stanley Dunn at the University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada

Scientific summary

Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (AChRs) are ligand gated ion channels; their structural complexity (5 subunits, 20 transmembrane segments, hydrophilic loops) implies challenging assembly/trafficking mechanisms. I aim to understand these mechanisms, test their conservation across evolution and their link to human diseases.

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