Margaux Laisné
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  • Location : Bordeaux, France
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Margaux Laisné PhD student

Course and current status

2017 - 2019 : Bachelor "Sciences de la Vie", University of Bordeaux

2019 - 2021 : Master Biologie-Santé - Cell Biology, Physiology, Pathology, University of Bordeaux

2021-2024 : PhD student, Inserm U1034, Bordeaux

Scientific summary

Serglycin at the Glia Limitans, a key player of neuro-inflammation pathophysiology

During neuropathology, notably multiple sclerosis (MS), Blood Brain Barrier breakdown leads to parenchymal inflammatory infiltration. Recently, we highlighted the capacity of astrocyte to communicate with other neurovascular unit cells, producing pro-inflammatory and pro-permeability factors.

We performed an RNA sequencing on quiescent versus reactive human astrocytes (hRA) and identify serglycin (SRGN) as highly expressed by hRA.  We confirmed these results in vivo in human MS lesions and in Experimental Auto-immune Encephalomyelitis mice model.

Our goal is to unravel the contribution of SRGN at the Glia Limitans in neuro-inflammatory condition.

Our hypothesis is that SRGN through its interaction with the CD44 cell-surface receptor modulates astrogliosis and immune cell infiltration during MS neuro-inflammation.

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