Pauline Oustric
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  • Location : LYON, France
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Pauline Oustric PhD in Psychbiology

Course and current status


  • PhD Student in Psychobiology (2017-2021)

Appetite Research & Energy Balance Research group ( School of Psychology, University of Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom

THESIS: Biopsychological examination of food reward during weight loss in women

Co-supervisors: Prof Finlayson, Dr Gibbons, Prof Blundell and Dr Beaulieu

  •  Master of Science & Engineering Diploma (2013-2017)                   Speciality: Human Nutrition

AgroParisTech Paris Institute of Technology for life, Food and Environmental Sciences, Paris, France (rank-1stFrance, 3rdUE, 4thworldwide QS-2019)

DISSERTATION: Analysis of the complexity of eating behaviour for diet optimisation
grade: 17/20, rank: 2/30


  •   Researcher in Prevention (CANCEPT) (apr 2023 - now)

INSERM U1296 – Centre Léon Bérard - Lyon, France

-       Contribute to the scientific coordination of the CANCEPT transdisciplinary cancer primary prevention research network

-       Develop the interventional research projects in primary prevention

-       Lead a methodological exchange group (GEM)

-       Develop participatory research in prevention.

  •  Chief Scientific Officer (head of research) (Sept 2021- Sept 2022)

MYROBOTICS - Paris, France

-       Pilot the development of the Leeds Food Preference Questionnaire app within and beyond academia

-       Develop the research on the taste measurement using electrogustometry

-       Create collaborations with researchers, institutions and companies

-       Organise the research, and scientific publications on the scientific tools

  •  Co-PI: REF2021 Impact case study project manager (Jan- Mar 2020)

RESEARCH ENGLAND ( – Leeds University, UK

-       Evaluate and showcase the impact of the Leeds Food Preference Questionnaire outside academia

-       Perform interview with current and potential future user of the tool

-       Develop an online version of the tool for free-living use to increase the impact of the tool outside academia

  • Research Scientist Junior (Mar- Aug 2017)

DANONE NUTRICIA RESEARCH – Centre Daniel Carasso Palaiseau, France

-       Provide concrete suggestions to improve diet optimisation tools, integrating acceptability and feasibility criteria, for dietary advice aimed to positively impact practices

  • Final-year engineering project on Food Based Dietary Guidelines (Sep – Mar 2016)


-       Development of an international FBDG benchmark

  • Research Assistant (Mar - Jul 2016)

School of Psychology, Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Leeds, UK

-       Design and execution of a significant piece of experimental research: FreePAL: "Investigate the relationship between physical activity, sedentariness and food reward"

-       Develop a database for secondary analyses on human physical activity and eating behaviour.

  • Project Manager Assistant (Sep 2015 - Mar 2016)

LINKUP - Consulting Agency in Health, Nutrition and Environment, France

-       Design booklet to motivate scientific vocations among young female students

-       Write methodological notes on nutritional labelling 

  • Research Intern: (May 2015 - Jul 2015)

INSTITUT PAUL BOCUSE - Research centre Ecully, France

-       Design a study about food behaviour among Elderly people with Alzheimer disease

-       Design of an "ethnological" methodology and fieldwork in elderly care home 

Scientific summary

Researcher in psychobiology and engineer in nutrition, I have always been passionate about the link between food and health. My career covers the major issues in nutrition, from field to fork, including eating behavior, obesity and patient involvement in research.

I built my PhD using a psychobiological approach to get a better understanding of determinants that drive what and how much we eat. My systematic review (Oustric et al., 2018) was the first to examine changes in food reward during weight management and I developed a protocol (Oustric et al., 2019) to culturally adapt the Leeds Food Preference Questionnaires (LFPQ) assessing liking/wanting for common foods. 

This has led me to get a position as Chief Scientific officer in a medical startup studying measurement of taste to further develop the LFPQ within and beyond academia in collaboration with Leeds University.

I am also co-founder and president of the ApresJ20 Covid Long France patient association, which aims to promote recognition, care, research and communication on Covid Long by collaborating with various healthcare representative.

I have now joined the Centre Léon Bérard /INSERM, to contribute to the scientific coordination of the CANCEPT transdisciplinary cancer primary prevention research network and to the implementation of interventional research projects. I am leading a methodological exchange group (GEM) and more specifically working on the development of participatory research in prevention.

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