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Daniele Saade PhD in Epidemiology and Public Health

Course and current status


Postdoctoral researcher at Inserm, Centre for Research in Epidemiology and StatisticS CRESS, Inserm/Université Paris Cité/INRAE), Research team on early life origins of health, Villejuif, France


Epidemiology of asthma and allergic diseases, children’s health and correlates, maternal and child nutrition, pharmacoepidemiology, clinical epidemiology, nutritional epidemiology, infectious diseases, nursing and health professions, mental health, research ethics, research methodology


French, English, Arabic 

CNU QUALIFICATIONS (2022 campaign)

Section 86 - Qualified as a lecturer in the sciences of medicine and other health products 

Section 92 - Qualified as a lecturer in nursing sciences    


2014              PhD in Public health and Epidemiology, Université Bordeaux 2 Victor Segalen, France

2015              University degree (DU) in coding health data, Université Saint Joseph, Lebanon

2011              Master 2 Research in Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Lebanese University, Lebanon

2010              Master 1 in Public health, epidemiology and biostatistics, Lebanese University, Lebanon 

2007              Bachelor in Science Nursing (BSN), Lebanese University, Lebanon 


2021–2022     Part-time lecturer, Université de Caen Normandie, France

2012–2021     Epidemiologist, Ministry of Public Health, Beirut, Lebanon

2015–2021     Associate professor, Lebanese University, Faculty of public health (sections 1 and 2), Lebanon

2018               Lecturer, Notre Dame University, Faculty of nursing sciences and health science, Lebanon 

2014–2021     Senior lecturer, Université Saint Joseph, Faculty of nursing sciences, Lebanon

2013–2020     Senior lecturer, Univeristé La Sagesse, Faculty of public health, Lebanon

2007–2012     Registered nurse in the neonatology and intensive care unit, SGHUMC, Lebanon

2007               Registered nurse in the internal medicine and surgery unit, LAUMC-Rizk Hospital, Lebanon    

2006–2007     Registered nurse in the emergency room, St Georges Ajaltoun Hospital, Lebanon

Scientific summary

I am a multilingual researcher in public health and epidemiology. I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Research in Epidemiology and StatisticS (CRESS, Inserm UMR1153), in the Research team on early life origins of health (EAROH), at Inserm, France. 

My recent research project focused on studying the longitudinal interrelations between sleep and respiratory health in children in the national French ELFE birth cohort. 

I am also a research scientist at the National Institute of Public Health, Clinical Epidemiology and Toxicology-Lebanon (INSPECT-LB) (https://inspect-lb.org) with continuous scientific collaboration with different researchers in France and Lebanon, on multiple research projects in public health, epidemiology and pharmacoepidemiology.

I have many research skills including the design of different types of epidemiological studies, the development of research protocols in epidemiology and pharmacoepidemiology, the implementation of studies, the collection and management of data, including designing databases and conducting statistical analysis on complex databases. Due to my research work, I have acquired a good experience in longitudinal cohort studies and unsupervised modeling statistics methods along with a good knowledge of SAS, R and SPSS software.

I have several scientific publications in my domain of expertise in epidemiology (detailed in my PubMed link and my Web site) and I have also participated in several national and international scientific conferences.

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