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Pascale BARBERGER GATEAU Senior researcher - Nutritional epidemiology and aging

Course and current status

Diplomas and qualifications

1995 Qualification in Public Health by the French National Medical Council

1987  PhD in Epidemiology, University of Bordeaux

1981 Master degree « Methods in Informatics and Statistics”, University of Bordeaux

1981  University Diploma « Health and Development », University of Bordeaux

1979  Maîtrise Biologie Humaine (= Master first degree) “Biomathematics, Statistics, Medical Informatics”, University of Bordeaux

1980   Medical Doctorate (MD), University of Bordeaux

Other university training:

Intensive course "Approach and Methods in Community Health", Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Montréal, Canada, 7-18 June 1982.

Employment history

- since 2009

Associate professor at the Deprtament of Food Science and Nutrition of Laval University, Québec (Canada),

- since 2005

Beneficiary of an interface contract between the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) and the University Hospital of Bordeaux

- since 2003

Head of the team « Nutritional epidemiology» at the INSERM department U593 “Epidemiology, Public Health and Development” and then at the Research Centre INSERM U897 « Epidemiology and Biostatistics » since 2008

- since 1985

Maître de Conférences des Universités-Praticien Hospitalier  (assistant professor and hospital practitioner) in Epidemiology at the Institute of Public Health, Epidemiology and Development (ISPED) of the University Victor Segalen Bordeaux 2, and at the Department of Medical Information of the University Hospital of Bordeaux

. 1982 - 85:

      University and Hospital Assistant in Mathematics, Statistics and Medical Informatics :

              - Laboratory of Epidemiology (Pr. SALAMON) at the University Bordeaux 2.

              - Department of Medical Information at the University Hospital of Bordeaux

. 1980 - 82:

      - Associate - assistant in Mathematics, Statistics and Medical Informatics at the University Bordeaux 2 from 01/11/1980 to 30/09/198,.

- Assistant at the University Hospital of Bordeaux in Cardiovascular Radiology (Services Pr. BESSE and Dr. MARTIN) from 1/1/1981 to 30/09/1982

. Training period abroad:

01/10/1977 – 30/03/1978: Institute of Cardiology (head Dr. A. Moisan), Laval Hospital, Québec City (Canada).

Scientific summary

Main research activities:

My main research field concerned the epidemiology of aging for 30 years, with a particular interest in Alzheimer’s disease and its consequences on Activities of Daily Living. I presently lead an original research on nutritional protective or risk factors of Alzheimer’s disease based on the French PAQUID and Three-City cohort studies.

  • Co-principal investigator with J.F. Dartigues of the PAQUID (QUID sur les Personnes Agées) epidemiological study since its origin in 1987.
  • Associate investigator for the Bordeaux site of the Three-City Study since its origin in 1998 and responsible for the nutritional aspects.
  • Principal investigator of the COGINUT (COGnition, anti-oxidants, fatty acids: Interdisciplinary approach of the role of NUTrition in brain aging) research program funded by the French National Agency for Research (2006-2010).

Participation to scientific journals

Member of the editorial boards of Disability and Rehabilitation (since 1997), the European Journal of Ageing (2004-2011), future associate editor of the Journal of Alzheimer’s disease (starting in 2013).

Main general functions and expertise

Member of the scientific board of the Carnot Institute LISA (Lipids for Industry and Health) since 2007.

Representative of the Bordeaux University at the Institute for Research on Human Nutrition in Aquitaine (IRNHA) since 2009 and president of the Scientific Committee

Scientific coordinator for France of the international Institute of Nutrition Aquitaine Quebec (INAQ) created in 2009.

Member of the Danone Institute, International Psychogeriatric Association, French Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics (SFGG), Association of French-speaking Epidemiologists (ADELF), Association for the Development of Epidemiology in Aquitaine (ADEA, board member), French Society for the Study of Lipids  (SFEL), Group Lipids and Nutrition (GLN, board member).

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