Sébastien MAILFERT
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  • Location : Marseille, France
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Sébastien MAILFERT PhD Electronics

Course and current status

After obtaining a PhD in electronics and industrial computing in 2006, I joined the Marseille Luminy Immunology Center (CIML) in 2007, where I'll be working until 2023.
First as a post-doctoral fellow, then as a statutory research engineer in 2011. I set up a state-of-the-art molecular imaging microscopy platform, which merged with the CIML's conventional platform in 2012.
I then managed the CIML imaging platform until 2023.

Scientific summary

After studying electronics and industrial computing at university, I obtained my PhD in December 2006, based on the development of a complex system combining atomic force microscopy and near-field optics applied to biology. My two thesis co-supervisors were from two different laboratories and fields, namely electronics and genetics. This has been a constant in my career path: combining my skills in instrumental development with a variety of biological themes.

Recruited as a post-doctoral fellow in January 2007 at CIML, I spent 16 years developing or co-developing prototype instruments, mainly around molecular techniques (spot variation Fluorescence (Cross-)Correlation Spectroscopy, Single Molecule Localization Microscopy, etc.). The aim was to get them into routine use by biologists. This involved developing sensitive (signals in biology are often noisy and weak) and robust systems, simple user interfaces, standardized operating protocols and performance monitoring over time. I manage the drafting of technical specifications, calls for projects and invitations to tender, negotiations with suppliers, orders, tests, etc. Once developed or modified, I validate the systems, draw up user protocols, and ensure maintenance and performance monitoring. As I have no background in optics, instrumental development has been carried out in coordination and collaboration with partners in the fields of optics and signal processing, notably the Fresnel Institute (N. Bertaux, S. Monneret, H. Rigneault, S. Brasselet to name but a few).

In 2008, I set up a platform of prototypes accessible to external users and collaborators. The prototype platform and the more conventional CIML platform then merged in 2012 - after I was recruited to the CNRS - and I took over as technical co-director. Between 2012 and 2018, I was committed to running both platform activities (training, maintenance, metrology, administrative management) and research, managing my own research projects and collaborative projects. I took full technical responsibility for the platform in 2019, managing the human (two statutory engineers), financial and technical resources allocated to the platform while continuing to manage my research projects. 

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