Chaker Aloui PhD Life Sciences, Bioinformatics

Course and current status

Since 2022: Research engineer at INSERM U1141 (Bioinformatician), Université Paris Cité, France

2016-2021: Post-doc at INSERM U1161/U1141, Paris, France, Advisor: Pr Elisabeth Tournier-Lasserve; Analysis of the molecular basis of different groups of cerebrovascular diseases (Cerebral Small Vessel Diseases; Moyamoya Angiopathy; Fetal Intracranial Hemorrages)

2016: PhD "Life Sciences" from Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne, France; Co-advisors : Pr Olivier Garraud (UJM) and Dr Sandrine Laradi (EFS); Title "Inflammatory reactions following platelet transfusions: Immunological and genetic study of immunomodulatory factors, genomic and proteomic study of involved platelet concentrates"

2012: M2 "Biological and Technological Sciences for Health" from Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne, France

2011: M1 "Biotechnology and Immunology Applied to Transmissible Diseases" from Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Monastir, Tunisia

2010: Maîtrise "Medical Biotechnology Sciences and Techniques" fromBiotechnology Institute, University of Monastir, Tunisia

Scientific summary

I am currently serving as a Computational Genomics Scientist at INSERM in the GenMedStroke team headed by Professor Elisabeth Tournier-Lasserve. My research focuses on the identification of novel genes and pathways involved in cerebrovascular diseases, mainly in cerebral small vessel diseases (CSVDs) and moyamoya angiopathies. I am combining various pan-genomic approaches with statistical methods on big-data issued from high throughput sequencing. My areas of expertise include medical genetics, rare diseases, burden tests, exome and genome sequencing, RNA-seq, and bioinformatics.

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