Hannah Turton
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Hannah Turton Msc Human and Molecular Genetics at The University of Sheffield UK

Course and current status


•MSc Human and Molecular Genetics at University of Sheffield, UK (2019-2020), Work experience with NHS Sheffield Diagnostics Genetics Service
•Associate Scientist – Adaptimmune, UK – Private TCR T-Cell Therapy Company. Allogeneic Team (iPSC derived T-cells) (2020-2023)
•2023 INSERM CiTHERA ingenieur d’etude

Scientific summary

Currently an engineer with CiTHERA in Corbeil Essonnes. Will be working on a project developing iPSC based cancer vaccines. 

I have previous experience in Cell and Gene Therapy. At Adaptimmune, I was a part of the Allogeneic Research Team which developed iPSC derived TCR-T Cells for targeting cancer antigens. I primarily focused on generating gene-edited banks of iPSC banks for differentiation into T-cells. I have experience therefore in CRISPR-Cas9 editing, iPSC cell culture and single cell seeding, genotyping by PCR/qPCR and NGS.

My Masters degree was at The University of Sheffield in the UK. I completed a work placement with the Sheffield Diagnostics Genetics Service, where I worked on designing PCR primer panels for diagnosing children's cancers. My dissertation project involved a functional test for variants on unknown significance for Beckwith-Wiedermann Syndrome.

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