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Jean-Louis Kémény KEMENY Jean-Louis, MD 15.07.1948 French Service de Pathologie - CHU Gabriel-Montpied 58, rue Montalembert - BP 69, 63003 Clermont-Ferrand Cedex 01 France +33 473 75 18 12 jlkemeny@chu-clermontferrand.fr N° council of the National Order : 63/3725

Course and current status

Education and medical training 

1968-1974  Faculty of Medecine, Henri-Mondor Creteil, France

Degree & Titles

1975 Medical doctorate

1979 Specialized post graduate degree in Pathology

1983 Master in human biology

1984 Master in advanced vascular pathology

1986 PhD Degree in Pathology: “studies of bleomycin-induced lung injuries in mice”

1976-1979 Senior resident in Pathology at Avicenne Hospital (Bobigny)

1979-1985 Assistant Doctor in Pathology at Avicenne Hospital (UFR Bobigny, Paris XIII)

1985-1990   University Head Assistant - Hospital Practitioner (UFR Bobigny, Paris and UFR Clermont-Fd)

From 1990   University Professor – Head of the pathology department at CHU G. Montpied Hospital (UFR Clermont-Fd)


Research Activities

2008-2011 Member EA 3846

2012-2016 Member EA7283 CREaT "Cancer Resistance Exploring and Targeting" 

Current Positions

2010 University Professor -  Clinical Director at UFR of Clermont-Ferrand - Pathology Service G. Montpied Hospital

Society Memberships

1980    French Pathology Society

1981    International Academy of  Pathology

Scientific summary

I did routine pathology mainly in lung and joint/bone diseases at Avicenne Hospital. Between 1989 and 2004, my research activity was focused on translationnal research in neuropathology (Creutzfeldt-Jacob and Parkinson diseases. Since 2004, I 'm in Pierre Verrelle's team, EA7283 CREaT, where I work on brain and pulmonary tumors aggressiveness.

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