Ghislain Bidaut
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Ghislain Bidaut PhD in Bioinformatics

Course and current status

Dr Ghislain Bidaut installed the Integrative Bioinformatics team Cibi (Web Site) at the CRCM (Centre de recherche en Cancérologie de Marseille) in 2008 for setting up large-scale data analysis and bioinformatics in cancerology. Dr G Bidaut did his Ph.D with a major in bioinformatics at the Aix-Marseille University, co-mentored by Jean-Michel Claverie (IGC, CNRS) and Michael F. Ochs (Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA) during which he analyzed expression data on yeast deletion mutant. After his Ph.D., he did a two-years postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Chris Stoeckert’s group, where he designed a method for multi-centric data integration analysis in transcriptome. Dr. Bidaut has been heading Cibi since 2008 after successfully applying for funding.

With the input of Dr Bidaut, Cibi has developed a strong background in systems biology and high throughput data analysis in several areas of biology with an expertise in network biology of cancer since the development of the ITI (Interactome-Transcriptome Integration) project (ITI project) among others. ITI is designed to detect pathway deregulation linked to metastasis relapse in breast cancer.

Aditionally, Dr Bidaut has a strong expertise to integrate and optimize visualization methods to ease interpretation. He also has a strong expertise in algorithmics and bioinformatics development. Dr Bidaut has access to a High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure at CRCM.

Scientific summary

Research Projects
  • ITI project [Interactome-Transcriptome Integration] is a network-based robust classification of transcription profiles in cancer by large scale data integration of protein-protein interaction with DNA microarray data. See related publication Garcia et al (Bioinformatics).
  • Djeen [Database for Joomla!'s Extensible Engine] is a Joomla! component to manage an external database and file storing for experimental data. See related publication Stahl et al (BMC Res. Notes).
  • Infocyt. The goal of this project is to develop methodologies to automate high throughout analysis in multiparametric flow cytometry.
  • Gema [GEne Meta Analysis] is a large scale data mining algorithm on ArrayExpress database.
  • ClutrFree is a stand-alone application allowing for cluster data visualisation, GO enrichement calculation, and multiple clustering algorithm comparison through graph display. See related publications Bidaut and Ochs (Bioinformatics) and Ochs et al (Methods in Molecular Biology).
  • Scann [Stem Cell characterisation by Artificial Neural Networks] . Transcriptome data integration for isolation of developmental biomarkers in adult stem cells. See related publications Bidaut and Stoeckert (Methods in Enzymology) and Bidaut and Stoeckert (PSB 2009).
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