Claire Chazaud PhD

Course and current status

Academic training:

 1998:  PhD in Developmental Biology, Université L. Pasteur (Strasbourg), supervised by P. Chambon and P. Dollé (IGBMC)

 2005:  Ability to supervise research (HDR), Université d’Auvergne (Clermont-Fd)


Research positions:

 2012- now:    INSERM Research Director (DR2), Group leader, iGReD

 2005-2012:    INSERM Research Assistant (CR1), Group leader, GReD

 2003-2005:    Group leader AVENIR Team at INSERM UMR 384, Clermont-Fd, France

 1999-2003:    Post-doctoral fellow in the team of Janet Rossant (SLRI, Toronto, Canada).

 1994-1998:    Fellow of the Ministère de la Recherche et de la Technologie at the IGBMC, under the supervision of P. Dollé and P. Chambon, Strasbourg, France.



- Master 1 courses at Université Clermont Auvergne (about 12h since 2021)

- Master 2 courses at Université Clermont Auvergne (about 6h/year since 2005)

- Master 2 courses at Univ Paris Diderot (2h per year since 2007)

- Master 2 courses at Univ Tours (2h per year since 2016)



- Prize VAN BENEDEN (2017) from the Belgium Royal Academy

- AVENIR (INSERM), recipient of the 2001 call



- Elected Member at INSERM CSS1 (2022-)

- Member of the Scientific Council ot the FRM (2016-2020)

- Member of  scientific council of LNCC Grand-EST (2018)

- Member of the CNRS section 22 (Developmental Biology, Cell Biology) in 2012-2016

- 2 expertises for AERES in 2013 (Curie Institute, Collège de France)

- SAB/Young PI selection committee (Toulouse, 2012)


- Editorial board member of the Journal of Developmental Biology (MDPI) since 2020

- regular reviewer for different journals: Nature, Cell, Nature Reviews, Developmental Cell, Nature Comm, Plos Biology, ELife, Development...

- for Grants: ERC, Wellcome Trust, European Science Foundation, ETH Zurich, FNRS, ANR, BSF (Israel Binational Science Foundation)

- Jury member: 7 PhD thesis (with one in Cambridge, UK and 2 in Brussels); 4  HDR


Science Management:

- Vice-president of the SFBD (French Society for Developmental Biology) (2020-23)

- President of Aurastem (Association sur les cellules souches en Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) (2021-23)

- Organization of the Stembryo meeting in Athens, Greece (5-7 october 2017)

- Organization of the French Societies of Genetics and Developmental Biology meeting 2013 (Isle/Sorgue), and  2006 (Praz/Arly)

- Member of a European Network: Stembryo composed of 12 teams working on early mouse development

Scientific summary

We are deciphering the molecular and cellular mechanisms of the first cell lineages differentiation during early mouse development. Our goal is to understand both in vivo and in vitro the process of induction and formation of embryonic and extra-embryonic tissues during the first stages of embryogenesis. Our focus is on the molecular mechanisms driving epiblast versus Primitive Endoderm specification during preimplantation and, later, on the differentiation of the Primitive Endoderm and its derivatives, including the formation of the epithelial structure and its transition toward mesenchyme.

Our work is closely linked to embryonic and extraembryonic stem cell research.

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