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  • Location : Reims, France
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Jean-Marie Zahm PhD research engineer

Course and current status

  • Education background

-          Faculty of Sciences (1967-1970, Nancy)

-          Graduate of the University Institute of Technology (electronic engineering, 1977, Nancy)

-          PhD of biological engineering (1989, Reims)

-          HDR (1994)

  • Research carrier

-          INSERM technician (1973-1984, Nancy)

-          INSERM engineer (1984 to present, Reims)

Scientific summary

Dynamic cellular imaging and functional analysis of the airway epithelial cells

The defence mechanisms of the airway epithelium is dependent on the airway lining fluid which represents the first line of defence. The second line of defence consists in the airway epithelial cell barrier. The techniques and the knowledge that I acquired since long years in the field of the mucociliary function analysis and in dynamic cellular imaging allowed me to be involved in research programs devoted to the alterations of airway epithelial integrity induced by bacteria exproducts, as well as in the study of the functional anomalies of airway epithelial cells in cystic fibrosis. Another field of interest concerns the cell migration processes which are the main factors involved during airway epithelial repair after injury or during tumoral invasion. Cell migration is analyzed with particular focuses on cell-cell interactions, cell-extracellular matrix interactions  and phenotypic modifications of migrating cells. The development of in vitro models of 2D migration (such as in wound repair) and of 3D migration (such as in tumoral invasion) allows to study the cell behaviour in relation with their molecular characteristics.

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