Louis-Rachid Salmi
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  • Phone : +33 5 57 57 14 37
  • Location : Bordeaux, France
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Louis-Rachid Salmi MD, PhD

Course and current status

MD (Lyon, France), PhD (Paris, France), trained in epidemiology, biostatistics and community medicine in Canada (McGill University and Montreal General Hospital) and at the then newly created Division of Injury Epidemiology and Control at the Centers for Disease Control (Atlanta, USA). Currently Professor of Public Health at Université Bordeaux Segalen in Bordeaux (France), where he heads the School of Public Health.

Scientific summary

Research covers development and application of epidemiological methods to the prevention of adverse events (including road safety and health care-related), evaluation of screening strategies, and is carried in the Injury Epidemiology and Control Unit at INSERM U-897, Centre de Recherche en Epidémiologie et Biostatistique, Institut de Santé Publique, d’Epidémiologie et de Développement, and at Bordeaux University Hospital (CHU), Service d’information médicale.

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