François Devred
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  • Location : Marseille, France
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François Devred PhD

Course and current status

since 2004 - Assistant Professor in Aix Marseille University (Pharmacy Faculty / Inserm 911 / CRO2)

2009 - Doctor of Pharmacy diploma (Université de la Mediterranée)

2003 - Post doctoral position in the Albert Einstein College of Medecine, New York (Molecular Pharmacology departement - S.B. Horwitz)

2002 - PhD in biochemistry (Université de la Mediterranée (Thesis title : Tau-tubulin interaction and microtubule assembly)

1994-98 Ecole Normale Superieure in Cachan (speciality Biochemistry)

Scientific summary

Microtubules, which result from the complex assembly of αβ-tubulin, are dynamic structures involved in many important processes such as cell morphogenesis, mitosis and motility. They are tightly regulated by microtubule-associated proteins (MAPs), such as tau (stabilizing) and stathmin (destabilizing).  Understanding the biochemistry of tubulin and its partners is a constant challenge for the design of new anti-cancer therapeutic molecules. In order to decipher the molecular mechanism of action of MAPs, I am focusing 1) on their binding to tubulin and the consequences on tubulin – microtubule equilibrium 2) on the influence of antimitotic agents presence on this interaction. Using complementary biophysical approaches, including microcalorimetry and analytical ultracentrifugation, I intend to show to which extent tau and/or stahtmin can be seen as biomarkers of chemotherapy treatment or even as therapeutic targets.

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