Diane Braguer Professor

Course and current status

Professor in clinical Pharmacy and oncopharmacology at Aix-Marseille university

Cancer Rresearch project Manager at assistance Publique -Hôpitaux de Marseille

Assistant director of the Rserach Unit INSERM UMR 911 Center for Research in Oncobiology and Oncopharmacology (CRO2)

Head of the research team"Microtubules-mitochondria communications :implications in oncopharmacology

Doctor in pharmacology

hospital Pharmacist

Scientific summary

Due to their tightly regulated dynamic properties, microtubules are responsible for cell division, migration and differentiation. As a consequence, microtubule dynamic represents a target of choice for potent chemotherapeutic drugs, the so-called microtubule targeting agents (MTAs). Our research team focuses on the role of both microtubule and mitochondria networks in tumor progression, by using a pharmacological approach

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