Florence Guignot PhD Food sciences

Course and current status

Formation: PhD in Food sciences (University of Clermont Ferrand II, France). “Acidification post mortem at the muscle of calf. Consequences at the structure and the quality of meat”. February 1992.

Employment: Research Engineer at the Station of Reproductive Physiology and Behaviour of the National Institute of Agronomical Research (INRA) of Nouzilly since 1993.

  1. 1993-2000 (“Equine" team): micromanipulation and assisted reproduction (ICSI).                                                                                                       
  2. 2000-present ("Cell Interactions and Fertility” team) : study of the embryo physiology and the associated biotechnologies.

Scientific summary

* Experience in the field of physiology of reproduction of domestic mammals (bovine, sheep, goat and equine), mainly in assisted reproduction (IVF & ICSI): - preparation / activation of the semen, - media for development of embryos, - quality of embryos produced in vivo and in vitro in terms of cryoresistance, embryo biopsy and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) (sexing, resistance at genetic diseases, ...), and viability after transfer to a recipient.

* Experience in gene expression in early embryos, in relation with the lipid metabolism and the cryoresistance.

* Give theorical courses and practice in master of Reproduction and Cryoconservation. Supervision of students (master and PhD).

* Leadership & participant in several french and european projects of research.

* Advice and expertise for professionals in biotechnologies of reproduction.

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