Jérôme GARIN
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  • Phone : +33 4 38 78 45 01
  • Location : Grenoble, France
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Jérôme GARIN PhD Molecular and Cellular Biology

Course and current status

Jérôme GARIN heads both the “Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique's” Research Institute for life Sciences and Technology (iRTSV institute, Grenoble, France), and the “Large Scale Biology” research unit  (CEA/INSERM/UJF U1038). The iRTSV is characterized by the implementation of multidisciplinary research on a continuum between basic research, upstream, and applied research putting forward innovative technological responses that ensure an enhancement of both industrial and societal prestige.The "Large Scale Biology" research unit contributes to the understanding of biological processes through the development of large-scale protein analysis methods.

Jérôme GARIN has assumed several positions requiring significant managerial skills and is involved or has previously been involved in different Scientific Advisory Boards such as: the SAB for the Montreal Network for Pharmaco Proteomics and Structural Genomics, Canada (John Bergeron), Member of the regional (South East, France) scientific board for ARC (“Association pour la Recherche contre le Cancer”), Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Pasteur-Paris Genopole, Member of the Scientific Committee of experts for the French “RIO” (“Réunions Inter Organismes”) network, Member of the Scientific Committee of Experts for the French ANR Research Agency, Member of the Scientific Board of IBiSA.

Scientific summary

Jérôme GARIN is author of over 160 research articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Jérôme GARIN is coordinator of the DECanBio program, a European FP7 “Health” project aiming to set up a biomarker discovery pipe-line for bladder cancer using state of the art mass spectrometry techniques.

Since 2011, Jérôme GARIN is the coordinator of the French proteomics infrastructure (ProFI). ProFI is a shared national proteomics infrastructure which groups together the three most renowned French platforms (located in Grenoble, Toulouse and Strasbourg). This infrastructure is the spearhead of French proteomics. It has two aims: on the one hand, to rapidly reach the level of the best international centres in the field; and on the other, to set up ambitious training workshops to allow the developments made within the infrastructure to benefit the French proteomics community as a whole.

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