Philippe BULET
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Philippe BULET PhD , Senior Scientist in Biology and Biochemistry, Research director at CNRS

Course and current status

Cursus: Present Head of a technological platform, senior scientist at AGIM. Consultancy services in Life Science projects since 2011 in contract with a platform and a diagnostic Biotech. January 2011 – November 2012, Lab. Director AGIM FRE3405. Chief scientist officer of a biotech (2002-2006) specialized in venoms, mass spectrometry and bioactive peptides. Between 1990 and 2002, research manager (progressive positions) at the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology (Laboratory of the Nobel Prize 2011 in Medicine or Physiology, Pr JA Hoffmann). 

Professional experience: Founder of two biotech companies (EntoMed SA in 1999 and Funzyme Biotecnologies in 2005). Discovered over 150 natural bioactive anti-infectious peptides, discovery of infectious markers in invertebrate's models. Solid experience in technology assessment and in research & development. European expert Health programs FP7, 2011. Reviewer of scientific journals, evaluator of ANR, CLARA, LCC, Wellcome Trust, Israeli Science Foundation, Swiss National Science Foundation, European Science Foundation, European Leucodystrophy Foundation, etc. Member of scientific committees of two biotech companies and a national institute.

Publications and patents: Author of 145 scientific papers (peer-reviewed articles see Pubmed link, book chapters and reviews). Author of 13 patents in the fields of innovative antibiotics.

Scientific summary

Biotech Chief Scientific Officer with an Academic background and unique combination of scientific and management acumen. Proven innovator in basic and applied biology/biochemistry in a drug discovery environment.

 Solid experience in technology assessment and in research & development.

► Expert in analytical biochemistry, specialist in protein chemistry & mass spectrometry with a strong knowledge in immunology, protein expression systems and sample preparation.

Expansion & management of research facilities (proteomics, peptidomics), including bioassay platforms (microbiology).

Discovered natural bioactive peptides/proteins with anti-infectious properties or biomarkers of infections and diseases.

Management of international & national research programs with an important network in biology and biochemistry.

Coordination activity of project managers, PhDs and technicians, multitask organizer.

Entrepreneurial spirit, co-author of patents (writing, evaluation, follow up), founder of two Biotech companies.

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