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Philippe GORRY MD-PhD, Asso. Prof.

Course and current status

- 2011-12: TISC program expert, World Intellectual Property Office, Geneva, Swiss

- 2010-11: President of « Réseau C.U.R.I.E » (French national association of university technology transfer office)

- 2009 -present: Research Associate, Research Unit in Theorical & Applied Economics, UMR CNRS 5113, University Montesquieu, Bordeaux

- 2006-2009: Funding & executive director, Aquitaine-Valo, Technology transfer office, University of Bordeaux

- 2002- present: Administrator, Regional University Incubator of Aquitania, Bordeaux

- 2002-12: Vice-Dean for technology transfer, University of Bordeaux2 (2002-present)

- 1995-2007: Physician in Clincial & Molecular Medical Genetics, Laboratory of Cancer Genetic, Institut Bergonie, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Bordeaux

- 1995-1999: Physician in Clinical Biochemistry, Laboratory of Biochemistry, Bordeeaux University Hospital

Scientific summary

Philippe GORRY, MD-PhD, Associate Prof., past-funding & executive director of Aquitaine-Valo technology transfer office of the University of Bordeaux, has been Vice-Dean for technology transfer at University of Bordeaux Ségalen for 10 years, and is currently the CFO of the university incubator. 
Trained in medical genetic, his research field was on cancer-prone rare diseases & he was an inventor with several patents on transgenic mice. Member of several national and international, scientific and tech transfer, societies, is working as an expert on biotechnology and technology transfer, for governmental or private organization (ESHG, NIH-OTT, OECD, ...). He has been board member of the of the Licensing Executive Society (France), and President of the association of French university technology offices, "Réseau C.U.R.I.E."
At the present time, he is a research associate in the Dpt. of Economics, University of Bordeaux, where is coordinating a competitive intelligence facility Viainno working on patent mapping & IP assets valuation of innovative firms with a focus on orphan drugs market. He served as well as an expert for WIPO TISC program disseminating patent search best practices in developing country. He is teaching mainly science fore casting, patent and clinical competitive intelligence, management of innovation and pharmaeconomic at the undergraduate as well graduate level at the Medical school and the Faculty of Economics, at Bordeaux's University.

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