Stéphane HONORÉ
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  • Location : Marseille, France
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Stéphane HONORÉ Pr Stéphane HONORE

Course and current status

PU-PH of Clinical Pharmacy and Oncopharmacology at CH U Marseille (Aix-Marseille university and Assitance Publique-Hôpitaux de Marseille)

Principal Investigator (PI) responsible for Clinical pharmacy studies (DGOS/PREPS)

PI in Oncopharmacology Research at INSERM UMR 911 Center for Research in Oncobiology and Oncopharmacology (CRO2)

Scientific summary

Microtubules are dynamic polymers constituting the cell cytoskeleton. Microtubule dynamic instability  is responsible for cell division, cell migration and differentiation and is the target of powerfull anticancer chemotherapeutic drugs, the microtubule targeting agents (MTAs). By using a pharmacological approach, we intent to decipher the cytoskelton -based molecular mechanisms involved in tumor progression and to clarify the molecular mechanism (s) of action of drugs.

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