Didier JEAN
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  • Location : Paris, France
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Didier JEAN PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology

Course and current status


1996 : PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology, University Paris XI.

2004 : Agreement for Research Direction (HDR), University Evry - Val d’Essonne.


Current Position

2010- : INSERM researcher (CR1) - INSERM U.1162 (ex U.674) (Dir. Jessica ZUCMAN-ROSSI), Paris, France.  

  • Mesothelial carcinogenesis and molecular diversity of malignant pleural mesothelioma.


Previous Position 

1999-2009 : INSERM researcher - INSERM U.354/672, (Dir. Raymond FRADE), Paris/Evry, France.

  • Molecular mechanisms involved in tumor progression and metastasis of melanoma.

1997-1999 : Post-doctoral fellow - Dr. Menashe BAR-ELI laboratory, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, USA.

  • Role of transcription factors in melanoma progression.

Scientific summary

Malignant pleural mesothelioma is a rare, extremely aggressive cancer with poor prognosis. Due to the lack of curative treatment, it is urgent to evaluate new relevant therapeutic strategies based on biological and molecular characteristics of mesothelioma.

The research of our team focuses on the biological and molecular characterization of human mesothelioma, to better understand the mechanisms of mesothelial carcinogenesis. Our main objective is to define a molecular classification of mesothelioma into subclasses to take into account tumour heterogeneity. We also conduct translational research to develop a precision medicine for mesothelioma based on the molecular characteristics of tumours.

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