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Abderrahim LOMRI Reactive oxygen species and superoxide dismutases: role in joint diseases & cancer

Course and current status

Current Title :    Senior Investigator (First Class)

 Marital Status:   Married with two children

Nationality                    French



Degrees          University & Location           Scientific Field                Year

B.S.                University of Clermont          Cellular Biology                  1983

                     Ferrand II, France                 & Biochemistry

M.S.                            "                            Cellular Biology                  1984

                                                                & Genetic

D.E.A.              University P & M Curie           Human Health                   1985

                       Paris VI, France 

Ph.D.                         "                              Cellular Biology                  1988

Post-doc         Dept Cell Biol, Yale            Cellular & Molecular          1989-1992

                     University (USA)                 Biology

Visiting Professeur,   UCSF (USA).             Cellular Biology                1999-2000


Fields of Expertise

 Cell culture:

                - Development of primary cell cultures

                - Cellular immortalization

                - Development of new cell lines

                - Evaluation of new drugs on cell growth & cell function

Screening for active pharmaceutical compounds

                - In vivo & In vitro  using cell culture models

                - At the protein & gene levels

Scientific summary

My research program concern the role of oxidative stress in bone & cartilage function and cancer, the expression of specific genes under pro-inflammatory conditions and the identification of signaling pathways involved. Furthermore, the use of molecular & cellular biology tools and the different human cell lines developed in my lab will help us to identify new genes involved in such pathology in order to develop new active pharmaceutical compounds to inhibit or stimulate a specific pathway.

We have also developed molecular tools (human TNF-alpha & SOD-1 promoters) that are useful to screen for active estrogenic or anti inflammatory compounds.

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