Francis Chaouloff PhD Neuroscience/Neuropharmacology

Course and current status

1985: PhD lab in Paris and London (UK) on the neuropharmacology of central serotonergic systems

1986: postdoc lab in Geneva (Switzerland) on the impact of central serotonergic systems on metabolism

1988: Charge de Recherche INSERM in Paris working on central serotonergic systems and their impact on stress and exercise responses

1990: visiting scientist lab in Boston (USA) on the regulation of the sympathoadrenal system by central serotonin

1994: move to Bordeaux to work on the genetic variability of behavioural and serotonergic responses to stress

2003: sabbatical period to Mulle's lab in Bordeaux to work on metabotropic glutamate receptors

2007: join Marsicano's lab at INSERM U862 in Bordeaux to work on the role of endocannabinoid systems in adaptation to stress

Scientific summary

I have worked for 15 years on central serotonergic systems and their involvement in (i) their responses to physical exercise, (ii) the regulation of sympathetic activity and energy metabolism, and (iii) the regulation of behavioural, neuroendocrine, and metabolic responses to stress. Thereafter I have included interindividual variability as a main variable in the above relationships. During my sabbatical I have learnt electrophysiology and immunocytochemistry to assess the relationships between the stress hormone corticosterone or stress on itw own with the hippocampal glutamatergic synapse. It is now 6 years that I have shifted my interest to the role of the endocannabinoid system in (i) the regulation of mood and anxiety after stress, and (ii) the motivation to voluntarily per'form physical exercise.

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