Pierre-Jean SAULNIER
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  • Phone : +33 5 49 44 46 89
  • Location : Poitiers, France
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Course and current status

2005-2007 Practitioner, Clinical Pharmacology Department, Poitiers University Hospital, Poitiers

2007-2007 Investigator, Endocrinology Department , Poitiers University Hospital, Poitiers

2007-          Associate Director, INSERM Clinical Investigation Center CIC1402, Poitiers

2013-     Scientific Officer, Biological Resources Center , Poitiers University Hospital, Poitiers

2015-2016  Visiting Fellow, NIH/NIDDK, Phoenix, AZ

2016-          Special Volunteer, NIH/NIDDK, Phoenix, AZ

2017-          Professor of Medicine and Therapeutics, Poitiers University, School of Medicine, Poitiers

2018-          President of the Regional Delegation for Clinical Research and Innovation,  Poitiers             University Hospital, Poitiers

Scientific summary

Dr Pierre-Jean Saulnier is Professor of Medicine, Therapeutics at Poitiers University.

He received his MD degree at Paris University Hospitals in 2005 and his PhD degree in Clinical research, therapeutic innovation, Public health at the Poitiers University Poitiers in 2013.

In 2005, he joined the Pharmacology Department of the Poitiers University Hospital in 2007 as a Physisician. In 2008, he served as Associate director of the Clinical Investigation Center CIC1402 at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm). He was appointed in 2013 as Scientific Officer of the Biological Resources Center, in the Poitiers University Hospital. In 2015, he was recipient of the Young French Researcher fellowship of the Société Francophone du Diabète and visited the NIH/NIDDK Phoenix Epidemiology and Clinical Research Branch to develop experience on the exploration and validation of new biomarker and therapeutic approaches to prevent kidney disease in patients with diabetes. In 2017 he was promoted to Full Professor at the Poitiers University Poitiers, School of Medicine.

Dr. Saulnier’s major research interests are in the field of genetic and environmental determinants of diabetes complications and especially diabetic kidney disease (DKD). The overall aim is the development of new predictive markers and more personalized therapeutics for diabetic kidney disease. He has published over 35 original articles.

He has an extensive background in clinical and epidemiologic research in diabetes and therapeutics. I also developed a strong experience in randomized clinical trials in the Clinical investigation Center CIC1402 from the INSERM. Complementary, he is involved in assessment and diffusion of diabetes therapeutic innovation. A major goal has been to better understand the inflammatory pathophysiology of initiation and development of DKD in order to better phenotype it. 

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