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Catherine Boisson-Vidal Research director CNRS, PhD Biomedical Engineering, Unit deputy director

Course and current status

2011 to present: CNRS DR, deputy director Unité INSERM 1140, Paris

2003-2013: CNRS DR, Inserm UMR_S765 (Thrombose and Haemostasis Laboratory) Paris, France

1989-2003: Senior Researcher CNRS, Laboratoire de Recherches sur les Macromolécules CNRS UMR7540 , Villetaneuse, France

1998-2003: consulting researcher, Bioracs then Therapol (SARL) Biomédical Engineering; Scientific and technical engineering company. Business in the R&D of natural and synthetic polymers of therapeutic interest.

1997-1998: BIORACS Management Team Member. Contribution to the creation of the company (Lonay, Suisse). The company’s objective was 1) to manufacture a polymer quantity large enough to run an industrial pilot performing the ex-vivo purification of A haemophilic plasmas removing their inhibitors; 2) to industrially develop these polymers.Responsible for transferring polymer technology to BIORACS and controlling the conformity of the production.

1985-1989: Research Assistant CNRS, Laboratoire de Recherches sur les Macromolécules (LRM) CNRS UMR 7540, Villetaneuse, France

1984-1985: Post-doctoral fellow, Chemistry Department, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Prof J.L. Brash

Scientific summary

Major research interest:

1985-2003: Structure/biological properties relationships of natural and synthetic polymers  (biomaterials) endowed with specific biological properties, as potential pharmaceutical agents

2003 to present: Cell therapy in critical ischemic diseases : adult stem cells pre-treatment and improving transplantation efficacy. Proangiogenic activity of marine sulphated polysaccharides, mechanism of action.

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