Nadege Bondurand PhD human genetics and development, HDR

Course and current status

From July 2016- Research Director (DR2), INSERM U1163, Imagine Institute. Embryology and genetics of congenital malformation team headed by S. Lyonnet and J. Amiel

2013-2016 Research Director (DR2), group leader at INSERM U955, IMRB Team 11. “Molecular and cellular bases of neurocristopathies” and Team 6 "Morphogenesis and Molecular genetics

2007-2012 Research scientist (CR1). INSERM U654 and U955, IMRB, Young group leader within the team “molecular genetics and development” headed by Pr. M. Goossens. Research interest: SOX10 and Edn3 network: from WS4 to ENS development

2003-2007 Research scientist (CR2) INSERM U468 and 654. Research interest: Interactions between SOX10 and other ENS genes  

2001–2003 Postdoctoral position, National Institute of Medical Research, Division of Molecular Neurobiology, Pr. V. Pachnis. EMBO fellowship. Research interest: role of SOX10 and endothelin-3 during enteric nervous system development.

1996– 2000 PhD in Human Genetics, INSERM U468. PhD supervisor Pr. M. Goossens. Research interest: Role of the SOX10 transcription factor in different neurocristopathies.

Student’s training and coordination:

2003-present -Training of 8 PhD students and master (M1 and M2) students.

Reviewing activities: (in the last 3 years)  

- For scientific journals: Dev Dyn, Hum Mut., Hum Mol Genet, etc

- For agencies: Research Grants Council (Hong Kong, RGC) , Rare disease foundation

- Coordinator of ANR Young researcher grant 2010-2013; ANR RNAeditinPNS 2021-2025

5 main publications over the last 5 years: 

1.  Pingault V, Zerad  L,Bertani-Torres W, and Bondurand N.  SOX10: twenty years of phenotypic plurality and current understanding of its developmental function. J Med Genet. 2021, epress

2. Le TH, Galmiche L, Levy J,Suwannarat P, Hellebrekers D, Morarach K, Boismoreau F, Theunissen T, Lefebvre M, Pelet A, Martinovic J, Gelot A, Guimiot F, Calleroz A, Gitiaux C, Hully M, Goulet O, Chardot C, Drunat S, Capri Y, Bole-Feysot C, Nitschké P, Whalen S, Mouthon L, Babcock H, Hofstra R,. de Coo I, Tabet AC, Molina T, Keren B, Brooks A, Smeets H, Marklund U, Gordon C, Lyonnet S, Amiel J#, Bondurand N#. Dysregulation of the NRG1-ERBB pathway causes a developmental disorder with gastrointestinal dysmotility in humans. (# corresponding autors), Journal of Clinical Investigation, 2021, 131(6):e145837. doi: 10.1172/JCI145837.

3. Gacem N, Kavo A, Zerad L, Richard L, Mathis S, Kapur K, Parisot M, Amiel J, Dufour S, de la Grange P, Pingault V, Vallat JM and Bondurand N. ADAR1 mediated regulation of neural crest derived melanocytes and Schwann cell development. Nature Communications,2020,  10;11(1):198. doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-14090-5 (F100prime recommendation).

4. Watanabe Y, Stanchina L, Lecerf L, Gacem N, Conidi A, Baral V, Pingault V, Huylebroeck D, and Bondurand N. Differentiation of Mouse Enteric Nervous System Progenitor Cells is Controlled by Endothelin 3 and Requires Regulation of Ednrb by SOX10 and ZEB2, Gastroenterology, 2017,152(5):1139-1150

5. Gazquez E, Watanabe Y, Broders-Bondon F, Paul-Gilloteaux P, Heysch J, Baral V, Bondurand N and Dufour S. .Endothelin-3 stimulates cell adhesion and cooperates with β1-integrins during enteric nervous system ontogenesis. Scientific Reports, 1;6:37877. doi: 10.1038/srep37877.

Scientific summary

Since 1998, our group has been investigating the molecular and cellular basis of neural crest development and associated disorders by combining expertise in genetics, molecular and developmental biology. To this end, we engineered several cellular and mice models, linked to relevant patient cohorts. Recently, we characterized the role of Adenosine-to-Inosine RNA editing in neural crest development in mice and are now deciphering the underlying mechanisms of Schwann cells alterations observed.

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