David Coelho PhD Molecular and cellular biology

Course and current status

PhD Molecular and cellular biology, Louis Pasteur University Strasbourg I, France (2002)

Postdoc, University Children Hospital of Basel, Metabolic Unit (Pr. Brian Fowler), Switzerland (2003-2010)

Postdoc, University Children Hospital of Zürich, Division of metabolism (Pr. Matthias Baumgartner), Switzerland (2011-2013)

Postdoc, Inserm U954 (Pr. Jean-Louis Guéant), Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, France (2013)

Senior Research Assistant Inserm (CR1), Inserm U1256, since 2013

Scientific summary

Our project aims to investigate the role of the methionine synthase pathway on cellular proliferation, fetal development and visceral manifestations related to metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance, in regard to the fetal programming hypothesis and to the mechanisms responsible for the pathologies found in patients with inherited or acquired vitamin B12 deficiency. To answer these questions, we are using a global approach combining molecular, cellular and in vivo investigations mainly with fibroblasts from patients with rarae genetic diseases and transgenic mouse models. The project outcomes will permit a better understanding of the mechanisms linking nutrition of pregnant women, embryo-fetal development and fetal programming, focusing on epigenetic and epigenomic mechanisms related to methionine synthase pathway.

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