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joseph ciccolini Pharm.D., Ph.D. in Pharmacokinetics

Course and current status

• Current Position: PU-PH of Pharmacokinetics

Full Professor of Pharmacokinetics, School of Pharmacy of Marseille, Aix-Marseille Univ (AMU) Marseille France;

Group Leader at the SMARTc unit, Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Marseille (CRCM) UMR INSERM U1068, Aix-Marseille Univ (AMU), Marseille France;

Clinical Pharmacologist, University Hospital of Marseille (APHM), Marseille France.

 • Former Positions:

2002-2018: Assistant-Professor of Pharmacokinetics AMU and Contract Clinical Pharmacologist APHM, Marseille France.

2000-2001: Contract Assistant Professor of Pharmacokinetics, AMU, Marseille France.

1995-1996: Merck Pharmaceuticals, R&D Facility, Hitchin Hertfordshire. UK.

 • Education:

2006: HDR (French accreditation to supervize research)

1997-2000: PH.D. in Pharmacokinetics, AMU France.

1994: Pharm.D., AMU France.

Scientific summary

• Head of the SMARTc unit at Inserm U1068.

• Group Leader of the Experimental PK group of the SMARTc Unit (Inserm U1068, AMU France).

• Main area of research: controling the pharmacokinetics variability of anticancer agents (i.e., cytotoxics, targeted therapies, biologics, immune check point inhibitors) and implementing precision medicine in oncology.

This includes (non clinical + clinical applications):

- developing novel drug delivery systems.

- developing therapeutic drug monitoring strategies.

- developing adaptive dosing strategies.

- developing new computer-aided regimen, especially for combinatorial strategies.

- developing and implementing pharmacogenetic-testing at bedside.

• Patents:

- 2010: Liposomal formulations for treating cancer (US 20100166848).
- 2013: Method for assessing the ability of a patient to be safely treated by a nucleoside analog-based chemotherapy (US20130011392A1).

- 2015: Immunoliposomes Formulation (EP15305595.9)

• Founder & Head of the Master Degree in Pharmacokinetics (M2RPK, AMU, 2008-2017).

• Founder & co-Head of the Master Degree in Digital Tools for Pharmaceutical Sciences  (DIGIPHARM, , 2021-present).

•  Scientific Expert at: INCa, ANR, ANRT, SATT, ANSM, CR-UK, ARC.

• Societies: AACR, PAMM-EORTC, GMP, GPCO-Unicancer, ESPT, ASCO.

• Member of the Editorial Board of Cancer Chemotherapy & Pharmacology (Springer).

• Publications list:

153 international papers in the field of anticancer drugs pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics.

Full list at:Expert[Author]

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