Barbara heude
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  • Location : Villejuif, France
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Barbara heude PhD Public Health

Course and current status

Education and Training

National Engineering school of Statistics and Information analysis (ENSAI)




University Paris XI



Public Health

University Paris XI

University Paris XI


Resears supervision accreditatio




Public Health


Employment and Professional experience

April – Septembre 1999 Training as biosatistician. INRA, National Institute of Agronomic Research, Station of Applied Quantitative Genetics, France

March – August 2000 Training as epidemiologist. INSERM, National Institiute of Health and Medical Research, U360, Paris, France

October 2000 – October 2004 PhD Student in epidemiology. INSERM, National Institiute of Health and Medical Research, U258, Villejuif, France

October 2004 – September 2005 Postoc fellow. MRC Epidemiology Unit, Medical Research Counsil, Cambridge, United Kingkdom

October 2005 – October 2006 Young investigator. INSERM U258, Villejuif, France

November 2005 – December 2009 Inserm researcher. INSERM U780, Villejuif, France

January 2010 – Decembre 2014  Inserm researcher. CESP INSERM UMR 1018 team 10, Villejuif, France

January 2015 - present Inserm researcher. CRESS INSERM U1153 team 6, Villejuif, France

Scientific summary

B Heude is a researcher in the Centre de Recherche Épidémiologie et Statistique Sorbonne Paris (CRESS) in Villejuif, near Paris, in France. She has been working for 5 years in the team “Epidemiology of diabetes, obesity and chronic kidney disease over the lifecourse”. Since her PhD when she investigated determinants of childhood obesity, she has been more and more interested by very early determinants of obesity, and more generally of early growth and development. She also acquired experience in genetic epidemiology during a 1-year post doc fellowship in the MRC Epidemiology Unit in Cambridge (UK), working in various cohorts like the ALSPAC or the EPIC studies. Back in France, she could lead her project of studying maternal nutritional status as a determinant of pregnancy outcomes and offspring health, thanks to the data collected in the EDEN Mother-child cohort, that she is now coordinating in collaboration with Marie-Aline Charles. Also very interested in infancy and childhood growth, she has been coordinating the “physical growth and puberty” working group of the Elfe mother-child cohort study that started in 2011. B Heude has published more than 100 peer reviewed articles related to obesity, pregnancy, child growth, nutrition, metabolism, and genetics.

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