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  • Phone : +33 6 86 56 14 43
  • Location : Cachan, France
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Brigitte HARTMANN Research director, CNRS

Course and current status

Currently at :
Laboratoire de biologie et pharmacologie appliquée (LBPA)
UMR 8113 CNRS - ENS de Cachan
61, avenue du Président Wilson
94235 Cachan cedex

Scientific summary

My activities mainly concern DNA properties and DNA/protein interaction mechanisms, combining theoretical approaches, especially molecular dynamics, and spectroscopic methods, especially Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Original investigations provide new insights on intrinsic, sequence-dependent DNA flexibility and furnish rational support for understanding indirect readout processes. For instance we recently conceived the NMR-based TRX scale that allows prediction of nanosecond timescale flexibility along any DNA sequence, with no length limitation. The power of such investigations on DNA alone is illustrated by results that have lead to a better understanding of mechanisms underpinning the formation of numerous different protein-DNA complexes implying either specific (NF-B, E2, phage 434 cI repressor, Ets-1, Jun-Fos) or non-specific (DNase I) proteins. My team 1 is also involved in new methodological developments in NMR and modelling.

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