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Cédric COULOUARN PhD Cellular and Molecular Biology

Course and current status

2004: PhD thesis focused on the analysis of the liver transcriptional response in the context of acute systemic inflammation and cancer.

2004-2009: 5y post-doctoral training at the NCI/NIH (Bethesda, USA) in the lab' of Snorri Thorgeirsson. My studies were focused on the analysis of signaling pathways altered in liver tumors, molecular classification, and role of microRNA in liver carcinogenesis.

2009-2012: 3y post-doctoral training at Inserm UMR991 in Rennes (head: B. Clément). My studies were focused on the role of tumor microenvironment in liver carcinogenesis.

Since 2012: CR1 at Inserm UMR991. My studies are focused on the role of the TGF-beta pathway and long non-coding RNA in liver carcinogenesis.

Scientific summary

My research activity is focused on liver carcinogenesis, notably the molecular mechanisms involved in tumor onset and progression.

- role of signaling pathways: specific focus on TGF-beta

- role of non-coding RNA: miRNA and lncRNA

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