Benoit Miotto

Course and current status


Group Leader

Epigenetics, DNA replication and Cancer

Institut Cochin - INSERM U1016 - UMR8104 - Univ. Paris Descartes

Paris - France

Research experience

2009 - 2015: Research scientist at CNRS – CR1

CNRS UMR7216 Epigenetics and Cell Fate - Univ. Denis Diderot

Paris - France

2004 - 2009: Post-doctoral fellow

Harvard Medical School - Biology, Chemistry and Molecular Pharacology

Boston - USA

2000 - 2004: PhD

CNRS - LGPD - Univ. Aix-Marseilles

Marseilles - France


2012: Qualification for supervising PhD students (H.D.R.)

Univ. Denis Diderot

2004: PhD in Developmental Biology and Genetics

Univ. Aix-Marseilles

Scientific summary

My research focuses on the mechanisms controlling the initiation of DNA replication in mammals. By combining genome-scale and tailored analysis, my aim is to identify factors and pathways involved in regulating DNA replication and their functional relevance for the maintenance of cell identity.

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