Nathalie Dejucq-Rainsford
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  • Phone : + 33 2 2323 5069
  • Location : INSERM U1085-IRSET, Rennes, France
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Nathalie Dejucq-Rainsford Physiopathology of reproduction, sexually transmitted viruses, innate immunity

Course and current status

  • Current Position

Director of Research (DR2) Inserm

Head of the team “Physiology and physiopathology of the urogenital tract”, Irset-Inserm UMR 1085 (Rennes, France)

Vice-director of the research federative structure Biosit (UMS Inserm/CNRS/Rennes I University).

  • Education and Degrees

2008............. HDR (Certification of ability ot direct research), Rennes 1 University

1997............. Doctorate in Cellular and Molecular Biology with honors, Rennes 1 University

1993............. Master of Advanced Studies (DEA) in Cellular and Molecular Biology with honors, Rennes 1 University

1992............. Master in Biochemistry with honors, Rennes 1 University

  •  Scientific Career

2012-present.. Team leader, Institute of Research on Health, Environment and Occupation (Irset – Inserm UMR 1085). Rennes, France

2011-present.. Director of Research (DR2) Inserm

2004-2011..... Senior scientist (CR1) Inserm, Inserm U 625, Rennes, France, co-team leader

2000-2004..... Research scientist (CR2) Inserm, Inserm U435, Rennes, France

1998-2000..... Research Scientist, University College London, London, UK 

1997-1998..... Post-doctorate (Inserm awardee), Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK

1993-1997..... Doctorate, Inserm U435, Rennes, France

  • Evaluation activities in national committees:

2017-............ Member of the research council of the University of Rennes I

2015-............ Member of the ANRS scientific committee "Host-virus interactions in HIV infection"

2013............. Member of the Inserm selecting committee for clinicians “Contrats d’interface hospitalier”

2008-2012..... Member of the Inserm commitee for researchers recruitment and promotion (CSS4)

2011............. Member of Rennes and Paris University selecting committees for lecturers

  • Other expertise activities :

2019- .......... Member of the scientific committee for Britany regional research council

2013-..........  Member of the Scientific Advisory board of the national Research group on Reproduction.

2013............. Member of the selecting committee for the Prix Bretagne Jeune Chercheur

2012-present.. Member of the Commission Recherche Ecole Doctorale Vie-Agro-Santé, Rennes

2010-2012..... Member of the University Scientific advisory board UFR SVE, Rennes

2009............. Member of the Ministry of research workgroup “Secrétions et pharmacologie génitales” (Mission ministérielle Prévention et Réduction des risques dans les groupes à haut risques vis-à-vis du VIH et des IST)

2009............. Member of the workgroup “Etat des lieux et évolution de la recherche en Reproduction” (Institut thématique Génétique et Développement)

2009-present.. Member of the Scientic Advisory board “Espace des Sciences”, Rennes: organization of scientifc seminar for the general public

2007-present.. Co-leader of the scientific animation committee “Agents pathogènes et maladies infectieuses” (SFR Biosit, Rennes) 

2007-present.. Member of the ANRS workgroup “Modèles primates non humains” and “Réservoirs” 

Grant reviewing activities: ANR (expert and comittee member), ANRS, ANSES, Agence Nationale de Biomédecine, Fond de dotation P. Bergé-Sidaction, University of California San Diego, South African Medical Research Council, Italian Ministry of research, COFECUB Ecos-Sud, SFR ScInBioS, DIM cellules souches région Ile de France...

 Reviewing for international journals and conferences: Nature Communications, Human reproduction update, AIDS, Faseb J, Retrovirology, Antiviral therapy, Human Reproduction, Journal of General Virology, PLoS One, Journal of Andrology, AIDS Human retroviruses, Reproduction, Systems biology in Reproductive Medicine, Open AIDS journal, Theriogenology, International AIDS conference.

 Member of 16 thesis and HDR juries, as well as Master 2 and doctoral school juries.

  • Research Expertise : Physiology and physiopathology of the urogenital tract-Sexually transmitted infections- Virology- Innate immunity – Organ culture
  • ORCID ID0000-0002-1788-2690
  • Teaching and Training

2000-present.... Supervision of 12 PhD students, 3 post-doctorates, 14 Master 2 students, 10 Master 1 and L3 students.

2004-present.... Teaching: Master 2 Biologie-Santé, Rennes 1 University; Master 1 Biologie Cellulaire & Physiologie, Rennes 1 University; Diploma of specialized study for medical students; European Doctoral College on Environment and Health (EDCEH), Rennes University.

Scientific summary

My team studies the consequences of exposures to viruses and chemicals (environmental and pharmaceuticals) on the urogenital tract health and on fertility.

Our objectives are to address major health concerns related to the urogenital tract, namely: (i) the sexual dissemination of viruses, and the consequences of viral infections of the urogenital tract on fertility and cancers ; (ii) the increase of male urogenital tract abnormalities (testis cancer, hypospadias and cryptorchidism), which can lead to infertility, as well as the increase of medical consultations for ovarian deficiency ; (iii) the potential deleterious effects of anti-cancer treatments on fertility.

Our researches are developed according to 4 axes:

  • Urogenital tract and viral exposures. 
  • Urogenital tract and environmental chemical exposures. 
  • Urogenital tract and pharmaceutical chemical exposures. 
  • Gonad differentiation and physiology. 

 In the frame of our researches, we are also committed to the development of innovative tools in bio-informatics, cellular and molecular biology. 


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