Francesca Di Nunzio
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Francesca Di Nunzio PhD in Medical Biotechnology

Course and current status

2018 to date:   Group leader at Pasteur Institute, Paris

2014-2018:    Principal Investigator (tenured researcher) in Pierre Charneau's                                           laboratory,Institut Pasteur, Paris

2009-2014:     Post-doc fellow in Virology, Pierre Charneau's laboratory, Pasteur                                         Institute, Paris

2006-2009:     Post-doc fellow in Pathology, Alan Engelman's lavboratory, Dana Farber                               Cancer Institute & Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

2002-2006:     PhD student in Gene Therapy, Fulvio Mavilio's laboratory, San Raffaele                                 Institute in Milan & University of Modena, Italy

Scientific summary


Keywords :
HIV-1, NPC, Integration, Transcription
Abstract :
Nuclear pore complexes (NPCs) play an important role in 3D chromatin organization as well as in regulating the expression of cellular genes and, probably, of viral genes. Moreover, recent studies, included ours, have shown the involvement of some Nups, in HIV-1 infection (1-6). Recently we showed that the passage of the HIV-1 virus through the NPCs and its integration into the host cell's genome are linked (7). Thus, Nups can have a key role in HIV-1 integration in active chromatin. 
In our ongoing  projects, the team aims to explore the link between NPC and HIV-1 integration sites that can influence viral transcription. We are also currently exploring the morphology of the viral pre-integration complex during the nuclear entry. Live imaging experiments in the lab can elucidate unknown dynamics of the early steps of HIV-1 infection.
References :
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Current members Di Nunzio’s group:

Guillermo Blanco-Rodriguez PhD student at Frontiers du Vivant/ANRS

Viviana Scoca Erasmus student

Philippe Souque engineer of research

Elena Rensen  post-doc ANRS


Ex members:

Stella Frabetti engineer of research Sidaction

Callie Donahue summer student Pasteur foundation USA

Demetrio Turati summer student Amgen

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