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Course and current status

Claire Poyart is MD (Medical thesis 1991), she has done her PhD at the Pasteur Institute on antibiotic resistance mechanisms of gram positive bacteria.  She was nominated in 1992 Assistant Professor hospital practioner at Necker University Hospital and in 2003 Professor of University-Hospital Practioner (PUPH) and Chief of the Bacteriology Laboratory of the University Hospital Cochin, She co-directes since 2006 the INSERM team "Barriers and Pathogens" within the Institute Cochin INSERM 1016 and the French National Center for Streptococci. The INSERM team was recreated in 2014 ranked excellent by INSERM CCS3 and labelled as an FRM team (2010-2013).

Present professional situation

Professor, hospital practionnar, Faculty of Medicine, University Paris Descartes,

Head of Department of Bacteriology of University Hospitals Paris Centre.

Head of National Reference Centre for Streptococci

Director of the Medical affairs of Cochin Institute

Co-Director of the Team Barriers and Pathogens, INSERM1016-UMRCNRS 8104


1991: MD thesis University Pierre and Marie Curie (P6)

1992: PhD of Microbiology, University Paris Diderot (P7)

1997: Accreditation to supervise research (HDR), University Paris Descartes (P5)

List of previous positions

1983-1989 : Medical resident fellow at Paris hospitals (APHP)

1989-1990: Assistant professor, CHU Necker-Enfants Malades, University Paris Descartes

1991-2003: Associate professor, CHU Necker-Enfants Malades, University Paris Descartes

List of previous research laboratories

1985-1990: Antibacterial Agents Unit, Institut Pasteur

1991-2003: INSERM U411 and U570, CHU Necker-Enfants Malades.

1997-2003: Joint Research Laboratory Necker-Pasteur on Streptococci, CHU Necker-Enfants Malades

2003-2005: Laboratory of Bacteriology Research, Cochin Medical School, University Paris Descartes

2004- ...: Biology of Gram-Positive Bacterial Pathogens Unit, Institut Pasteur

2006- …: INSERM1016, Institut Cochin

List of university administrative functions

2012- ...: Nominated member of the Management Board of Faculty of Medicine Paris Descartes
2012- ...: President of the parisian academic collegiate of Microbiology

2014-…: Co-Director of the Department Microbiology-Infectiology of the PhD School “Bio Sorbonne Paris Cité” (ED BioSPC)

2015-…: Elected at the Acadamic research council of the University Paris Descartes

List of hospital administrative functions

2007-2011: President of the Commission Medical Research Advisory Committee of University Hospitals Paris Centre

2007-2011: Member of the Executive Board of University Hospitals Paris Centre.

2012- ... : Member of Medical Research Advisory Committee of University Hospitals Paris Centre

2012- ...: Director of the Research Committee DHU "Risks and pregnancy".

2015- …: Chief, Department of Biology, Pharmacy, Pathology of University Hospitals Paris Centre (Cochin)

2016-…: Elected at the Executive Board of APHP

2016-….: Chairwomen of the Equipement Committee of APHP

List of research administrative functions

1999- 2003: Elected member of the CSS 3 INSERM

2000-2007 Expert appointed to the French Agency for Sanitary Security Products Health Products. Consultative Commission reagents Recording.

2003-2010: Member of the Committee on INSERM interface contracts

2004- 2010: Member of the INSERM Committee for young resident fellows

2006- 2009: Co-director of the Infectious Diseases Department, Institut Cochin

2009-2010: AERES Scientific Delegate

2010- ...: Member of the Executive Committe of Institut Cochin

2010- 2012: Co-Director of the Department of Cell Biology and Host Pathogen Interactions, Institut Cochin

2012- ...:  Director of Medical Affairs of Institut Cochin 2012- 2016: Elected Member of the Foundation's Scientific Council for Medical Research (FRM)

List of international administrative functions.

Expert Evaluation Committee Lund University Sweden

Member of Scientific advisory board "Nano vaccine development" Staten Serum Institute, Copenhagen, DK

Expert Scientist of the National Agency of Reccherch Portuguese FCT (2013)

Prizes and awards.
Gold Medal of residency of the Hospitals of Paris (1990).
Foundation Medical Research Jacques PIRAUD Award (2009)
Nomminated “Chevalier de la légion d’honneur” (2013)

Scientific summary

Our main research topics are:

  1. Global epidemiology of streptococcal infections
  2. Bacterial surface components (surface proteins) involved in interactions with the host,
  3. Metabolic adaptation and virulence,
  4. Gene regulation and expression of virulence genes in relation with stress response and environmental adaptation.
  5. Translational research, development of new diagnostic tools

List of  selected recent  peer review international publications

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Patent 1

European patent application (December 2005) application n° 05/292747.2 entitled "Rapid detection of the "high-virulent" ST-17 clone of group B Streptococcus" DI 2005-53. C. Poyart et al.

Patent 2

International Patent Application (December 20, 2006) No. PCT/IB2006/004127 (Priority data: EP05/292747.2 - December 20, 2005) US 7,588,773.. C. Poyart et al.

Declaration of invention

The immunogenic peptide BR of Srr2 use for diagnostic and therapeutic of the "high-virulent" ST-17 clone of group B Streptococcus. DI 2014-22. C. Poyart et al.

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