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Catherine BAUGE PhD

Course and current status

Current Position
2009-…        Associate professor, EA4652 BIOCONNECT Team


Previous positions

2007-2009   Post-doctoral fellow, Laboratory of Immune Cell Biology, National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, USA                 

2007-2008    Lecturer, department of Biology, University of Caen, France.

2003- 2006   Ph.D candidate.  University of Caen, France.


Scientific summary

The main focus of my team is cartilage. Using in vitro and in vivo technical, we develop fundamental, translational and clinical projects on diseases affecting this tissue. We study in particular two pathologies, osteoarthritis and chondrosarcoma, through several programs:

FHU SURFACE (2015-2018): This University Hospital Federation aims to improve the functional reconstruction after surgery of head and neck. This program includes fundamental and clinical research, as well as the formation of medical and nursing staff, or student teaching. Our participation concerns the improvement of knowlegde about cartilage formation and repair, and the setting of new protocols for cartilage tissue engineering.

ANR EpiCart (2016-2020) : By in vitro and in vivo strategies, this innovative project aims to investigate epigenetic regulations in normal and osteoarthritic chondrocytes, as well as during chondrogenesis ans stem cell differentiation. The objectve is to evaluate the potential therapeutic targetting histone methylation to treat ostearthritis or to improve cartilage tissue engineering protocols.

PHRC Exorhum (2014-2020): This project in clinical research aims to identify new gene mutations involved in early onset osteoarthritis by whole-exome sequencing.

Emerging project CAEn (2014-2016): This emerging project aims to compare the response of chondrosarcomas (cartilage tumors) to several treatments (radiotherapy and hadrontherapy; chemiotherapy; epigenetic therapy).

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