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ANNE-LISE PITEL PhD Neuropsychology

Course and current status

From sept. 2012, Assistant professor, Chaire Mixte Inserm-University of Caen/Normandy

Department of Psychology, Laboratory Inserm-EPHE-UCBN U1077, Caen, France


Jan. 2011-Jan. 2015, Research Associate

Laureate of the ANR Retour Post-Doctorants 2010; Unité Inserm-EPHE-UCBN U923/U1077, Caen, France


May 2008-Jan. 2011, Post-Doctoral fellow

Neuroimaging investigation of memory disorders in alcoholic patients.

Supervised by E.V. Sullivan and A. Pfefferbaum; Stanford University, California, USA ; SRI International, California


2005/2007, PhD in Psychology, University of Caen/Normandy, France

Assessment and rehabilitation of cognitive deficits in chronic alcoholism and Korsakoff’s syndrome.

Supervised by H. Beaunieux and F. Eustache, Inserm E0218, France

Scientific summary

I mainly conduct neuropsychological and neuroimaging studies to investigate the effects of chronic alcohol consumption on brain and cognition. The goals are 1) to understand the pathophysiology of alcohol-related brain dysfunction, 2) to reduce alcohol relapse by protecting neuropsychological abilities during withdrawal and promoting cognitive recovery after drinking cessation and 3) to prevent the development of alcohol-related neurological complications.

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