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Eric Tartour Professor in Immunology MD PhD

Course and current status

Nationality : French

I-Academic and Professional Education

1991 : MD . Paris Ouest Hospital . Université René Descartes. Paris V. France

1997 : Habilitation to supervise research. Universite Paris Descartes. Paris. France

1998 : PhD in Tumor Immunology . Université Paris Diderot. Paris 7. .France


II- Academic and professional experience

1986-1991 : Medical Intern in Paris (DES Biology)

1992-1998 : Physician Specialized in Immuno-Oncology : Institut Curie

1998-2003 : Senior Lecturer at the Medical School Broussais and Necker.

1992-2006 : Head Inserm team at  Institut Curie and Institut des Cordeliers

2006-2009 : Head “University Team” at the Veterinary School Maisons Alfort

2010- Head INSERM team : “Immunotherapy and anti-angiogenic therapy in oncology”. INSERM U970 PARCC. (A Tedgui)(Labeled A+ Aeres)

2011-  Head Lab of immunology. Hopital Européen Georges Pompidou. Paris. France.

2011-  Professor in Immunology (1st Class). Medical School. University Paris Descartes

2015- Coordinator Department “Biologie-Pathologie-PUI-Hygiène”. Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou

III Teaching and administrative responsabilities

- Responsible of Health Master 2 in Immunology for Paris Descartes university (2015-

- Responsible of “Diplome d’Université : Therapeutiques Immunologique » for Paris Descartes University (2003-

- Member of the desk of the “PhD School” GC2ID and BioSPC : (2004-2015)

- President of the “Collegiale des Immunologistes” from Ile de France : (2011-2012)

- Member of specialized INSERM Committee (Immunology and Hematology) : (2002-2007)

- Vice President CNECA (National committee for teacher-researcher depending from the

ministry of Agriculture)(2011-2014)

- Member of Specialized ARC Committee (Immuno-oncology and Hemato-oncology) : (2012-

- Member of Scientific Committee for PHRC-Cancer (INCA) : (2011-2014)

- Member of Scientific Committee for PHRC-PRTK (INCA) : (2015-

- Member of the Cancer Committee for Fondation de France : (2015-

- Member of the Scientific Council of CIC-BT 505 (2010-

- Member of Jury Prize for “Journées internationales de Biologie (2010-2014) and for ADPS


- Member of the steering committee CIC-BT 1428 Curie-IGR (2015-

- I have directly supervised 12 PhD students and 17 Master 2 students and 6 Post-doctoral fellows


IV Other Expertise activities :

- Expert for Ligue Contre le Cancer, Canceropole Clara, INSERM, AERES, Welcome Trust (GB), AICR (GB), FNRS (Belgium) Comprehensive Cancer Center Vienna (Austria), A’Star (Singapore), IFCPAR (India), German Foundation for Scientific Research (Germany) and Development, Danish Council for Independent Research (Denmark) and regular reviewer for Cancer Res, Clin Cancer Res, J Immunol, Eur J Immunol, Plos One, Clin Exp Immunol, Cancer Immunol Immunother, Vaccine, J Leuk Biol, Int J Cancer, Br J Cancer, Oncotarget. Member of the editorial board of Oncoimmunology.

- Member of the steering committee of the Labex Immuno-oncology (G Kroemer) and of the SIRIC CARPEM (Pr P Laurent-Puig).

- Visiting Professor. University of Nottingham 2010-

- Member of the AACR, ESMO, SITC and French Society of Immunology (Member of the administrative counsil : 2001-2004) .


V Valorization and tranfert

Patents : 1) “ Universal carrier for targeting molecules to Gb3 receptor expressing cells ”  WO 02060937   (07.08 2002).;  2) “Use of B subunit of Shiga toxin in combination with NKT ligands”. EP 06 292 066.5   US 60/877,354 (28.12.2006); 3) Combined vaccination/radiotherapy for cancer treatment. Application/N° 15000507.2 – 1453 (2015)

Grant (PI or head partner team for the 3 last years): INCA (2011-2013) : 113 keuros ; ANR RPIB (2012-2014) : 150 keuros; ANR Senso (2012-2015) : 80 keuros, Team Labeled Ligue contre le cancer (2014-2017): 80k€/year; ANR SelectImmunoonco (2015-2018) : 120 keuros; INCA PRTK (2015-2018) : 80 keuros. Idex BioSPC (2015-2017) : 140 keuros, Team Labeled Ligue contre le cancer (2014-2017): 80k€/year.

VII Organization congress and invitation to give seminars.

- During the last 5 years  I have been invited to 9 oral presentations to international institutions or congress (DC PIVAC Nottingham (2012) German Cancer Center. Heidelberg (2012), Institut Ludwig Lausanne (2013), Irish Society of Immunology. Dublin (2013), CIMT3 Krakow (2013), Institut Jules Bordet. Bruxelles (2014) Gothenburg university (2014) ECI Vienna (2015) and 40 invitations to give seminars or oral presentation in institutions or congress in France.

- Organization of two international symposia on vaccinology sponsored by the French Society of Immunology (Institut Pasteur January 2013 and 2015)

Scientific summary

My current inserm team has 3 major topics :

-  the role of local immunity in the control of tumor 

- the search of biomarker from the tumor microenvironment to predict clinical response to immunotherapy.

- Immunomodulation properties of angiogenesis and pro-angiogenic factors (VEGF).

During my scientific career I  have  made several pioneer scientific observations in the tumor-immunology field : i) In collaboration with Ludger Johannes, we provide the proof of concept in preclinical model of the value to target antigen to dendritic cells to enhance specific CD8+T cells (Lee RS Eur J Immunol 1998)(Haicheur N J Immunol 2000) ii) I  demonstrated the pro-and anti-tumor immunity of the cytokine interleukin-17 (Tartour E Cancer Res 1999)(Benchetrit F Blood 2002). This ambivalent activity of this cytokine has been generalized to most other cytokines. iii) I firstly showed that TH1 cytokine in the tumor microenvironment may be associated with a good prognosis (Tartour E et al J Natl Cancer Inst 1998).  iv) I also recently provide arguments about the need to induce local mucosal tumor immunity to control mucosal tumors (Sandoval F Sci Transl Med 2013)(Nizard Clin Cancer Res 2016).

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