DEHE Pierre-Marie
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  • Location : Marseille, France
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DEHE Pierre-Marie PhD Molecular Biology

Course and current status

CRCN Inserm, Cancer Research Center of Marseille

Post-doctoral fellow in PH Gaillard laboratory, Cancer Research Center of Marseille (2011-2013)

Post-doctoral fellow in J Cooper laboratory, Cancer Research UK-LRI, London (2007-2011)

PhD in Molecular Biology in V Géli laboratory, IGC, Marseille (2002-2006)

Scientific summary

Structure-Specific Endonucleases are key players in the maintenance of genome stability. They act as surgical tools specialized in the processing of secondary DNA structures generated during DNA replication, repair and/or recombination. However, these “DNA cutting” enzymes need to be precisely controlled so that they do not themselves promote genomic instability at the origin of human diseases, in particular cancer. 

My research focus on understanding the regulation of these endonuclease using mdel system such as yeast and human cell cutures.

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