Virginie DINET PhD Science

Course and current status


2000-2004      Graduate student, University of Poitiers, France

2004-2007      Post-doctoral Fellow, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, Germany

2007-2013      Post-doctoral Fellow, Cordeliers Research Center of Paris, France

2013-2018      INSERM Research scientist, Project Leader, Cordeliers research center Paris,


2017               HDR (Paris Descartes university)

2018-2019      INSERM U1029, Research scientist, Project Leader, "Complement system  

                        and tumor microenvironment”, University of Bordeaux, Pessac, France


Present academic position


2020-               INSERM U1034, Research scientist, Project Leader, "Complement system and vascular dementia disease”, University of Bordeaux, Pessac, France


Main Domain of Research


Role of complement system in neurodegenerative/angiogenesis diseases

Scientific summary

Most central nervous system neurodegenerations, retinal or cerebral, present common processes, namely vascular dementia associated with inflammation, and ultimately leading to neuronal death and cognitive alterations. These vascular neuropathies induce alterations in the blood-retinal and -encephalic barriers which can induce ischemic or even hemorrhagic areas. Neurovascular dysfunctions of these barriers can be associated with the onset of amyloidogenic processes, as seen in Alzheimer's disease or with complement system dysregulation. Angiopathy disease is characterized by endothelial cells dysfunctions which play an important role in the barrier structure and functions. When vascular barriers are broken, formation of inflammatory exudates or hemorrhages appear. The concerned tissues will then degenerate and patients present a loss of cognitive functions. My research focuses on the characterization of complement system role in neurodegenerative disease presented vascular dementia, like Alzheimer disease.

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