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Nicolas Boisgerault PhD Cellular and Molecular Biology

Course and current status

- Research Associate INSERM (2015-): Oncolytic viruses for cancer immunotherapy (CRCINA / INSERM 1232 - Nantes, France)

- Post-Doctorate (2011-2014): Department of Molecular Medicine (Mayo Clinic - Rochester, MN, USA)

- PhD student (2007-2011): Oncolytic Measles Virus for cancer therapy (CRCNA / INSERM 892 - Nantes, France)

Scientific summary

Oncolytic viruses are novel therapeutics in the field of cancer immunotherapy. These viruses exhibit three major modes of action:

1. Specific targeting and killing of tumor cells

2. Activation of immune cells involved in antitumor responses

3. Expression of therapeutic transgenes in the tumor microenvironment

We currently work on developing innovative oncolytic viruses to immunomodulate the tumor microenvironment and improve the treatment of aggressive cancers.

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