antoine messiah MD, PhD, DrSc; Health Data Scientist

Course and current status

             Antoine Messiah is expert in health data sciences. He produces studies for professionals who need analysis of clinical, epidemiological, or more generally public health data: healthcare professionals, healthcare establishments, biomedical start-ups, pharmaceutical companies, health businesses and stake holders, insurance companies, and the like. He has over 25 years of experience in conducting research projects, from conception and funding (12 grant awards) to complex data analysis and publication (100+ publications/communications indexed in PsychInfo, Sociological Abstracts, and PubMed). He holds 3 doctoral degrees: in Medicine (MD), in Biostatistics (PhD), and in Epidemiology (Dr Sc). Hence, you get a 3-in-1 combination of talents.

             Dr Messiah is seasoned with processing and analyzing observational, real life, data; his experience includes massive data analysis, data mining and statistical learning. Alongside his biostatistical and his medical expertise, his dual proficiency with Python and R computer languages makes him shine at biomedical big (or small) data analysis and visualization. Messiah has consulted for numerous medical institutions, as well as pharmaceutical companies, in France and USA, providing deliverables that led to top-tier publications.

             Dr Messiah is affiliated with INSERM, which is in the Top 10 worldwide research institutions for innovation. He is also a former Visiting Associate Professor at University of Miami, a former Visiting Associate Professor at University of Pennsylvania, as well as a former Assistant Professor in Biostatistics and Epidemiology at Orsay-Paris-Sud University, France. Hence, he has worked with a dozen of different research teams, in places and countries where the work culture varies considerably, showing how easily he adapts to new environments and challenges. His flexibility is also reflected in his language capabilities: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. He has considerable experience in: mentoring clinicians, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students for their projects; conceiving, leading, analyzing and publishing research studies (over 100 publications/communications); lecturing and giving classroom instruction, as well as creating curricula.

             As a physician and a quantitative expert, he is an ideal candidate for developing creative study designs and applying sophisticated statistical methodology to answer novel research questions.


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Scientific summary

Antoine Messiah:

  • 3 doctoral degrees: Medicine (MD), Biostatistics (PhD), Epidemiology (Dr Sc)
  • 25 years of experience
  • 100+ publications inexed in PsychInfo, Sociological Abstracts, and PubMed
  • 12 grant awards
  • 4 human languages (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese)
  • 3 computer languages (R, Python, VBA)
  • 2 citizenships (USA, France)

Publications can be found here:

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